Chapter 40: Housewarming Party

I waited till long after the sun went down but Belinda still hadn’t returned home so I went ahead and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I am still alone in bed, but the spot next to me is still warm so I must have just missed her…

I decide to send Belinda a message just to make sure everything is ok. She apologizes and says if she is going to plan the party and prepare for the trip she is going to be pretty busy… It’s only going to be 4 days until they leave, does that mean I am not going to spend any of that time with her?

I feel a feeling similar to when the adventurer was touching my crystal when I think about it, so I just get up and get dressed. I find the other girls are already gone as well. Somehow she even managed to get Zoey up early…

I find Lilah in the core room chewing on a piece of bread.

Lilah: “Good morning! Does Master want a piece of toast? Lilah has extra.”

“Toast? It smells burnt to me…”

Lilah: “Lilah likes it…”

“I guess that’s all that matters… So anything interesting happening?”

Lilah: “Not yet, Lilah managed to re-equip most of the monsters that spawned from the rifts, but the last group on the second floor and most of them on the third floor have nothing to equip…”

“Belinda is working on it…”

Lilah: “Is Master talking about the housewarming party? Belinda seemed really excited about it this morning when she woke us up.”

“Yes…She seems to be working really hard on it… We figured if we had a party before they left and the people stayed at least till midnight we could collect the xp from them.”

Lilah: “I don’t think that is why she is excited…”

“I gathered that…But I still don’t understand why she gets so excited about parties… I find them troublesome…”

The next few days pass pretty slowly when I do see Belinda or any of the other girls they seem busy… Belinda doesn’t ever make it home till it’s very late. I haven’t even gotten to talk to her for more than five minutes at a time.

The ballroom at the house has been filled with tables and chairs. There however is still a large empty space on the marble floor. Finally the day before the girls leave to head back to Madam Erin’s dungeon arrives and the housewarming party is planned for this evening.

While Belinda and the rest of the girls make the final touches on the ballroom for the party they send me out to get one last box of supplies from the adventurer’s guild. When I arrive the air seems rather tense…

Most of the adventurers have a shocked appearance and the receptionists are bowing. I find Logan, Amy, and Amy’s brother standing at the counter trying to talk to the receptionist…

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?”

Logan turns around and sees me then walks over to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder while saying.

Logan: “Ah Two-Twelve, we come to see my sister, but they said she wasn’t here.”

“Yea she is at home preparing for the housewarming party… How where you guys able to make it time for it?”

Logan: “Housewarming party? She is having a party and didn’t even bother to invite me?”

“Well it was sort of last minute, and she didn’t think anyone from the capital would have time to arrive in time.”

Logan: “Well I guess we are just lucky then!”

“I just came in to get the last of the supplies, if you give me a minute I can show you to the house and to Belinda.”

Logan: “Wonderful I would love to see what you and Belinda’s home is like.”

I go to gather the last of the supplies but Logan isn’t happy until Amy’s brother carries it instead of me… I then lead them though Tobes heading to the house. Quite a few people bow to Logan and are whispering as we pass.

Once we arrive at the house Logan says. “Not bad for a country home… We might hang around for a few days.”

Once inside Logan looks around and nods saying. “Where is Belinda at?”

“Through that door there to the right.”

Logan: “Alright, why don’t you give us a tour of the house real quick before we bother her.”


I lead them through the rest of the house showing them around.

“And upstairs are just the bedrooms…”

Logan: “Amy doesn’t this place look just like that doll house Belinda had growing up?”

Amy nods and says. “Yes sir…”

Logan: “She always was fond of the design… Did she even put the marble in the ballroom floor?”


Logan: “No wonder the cost was so high…I guess that makes you “Sugar Bear”?”

“Sugar Bear?” I give him a questioning look while Amy tries to prevent herself laughing…

Logan: “She hasn’t told you about sugar bear? Oh this is great… The story will be so much better to tell it when she is around, so let’s save it for later. Now if you want to distract her I want to sneak up behind her and surprise her.”

“Then I better take the supplies in…”

I take the supplies from Amy’s brother and take them into the ballroom I set them down and try to get Belinda’s attention.

“Hey Belinda…”

Belinda: “What is it?”

“You didn’t tell anyone from the capital that you were throwing this party?”

Belinda: “I knew they would be upset they couldn’t make it so I figured it was best just not to tell them…”

Logan: “My dear baby sister doesn’t even bother to tell me she is throwing a party… I feel so left out…!”

Belinda quickly turns shocked. “Logan! And Amy too? What are you both doing here?”

Logan: “I wanted to see how my dear baby sister is doing, but it looks like she doesn’t even want me here.”

Belinda moves over to him and hugs him, then greets Amy.

Belinda: “I am glad you’re here, although I was going to head out tomorrow to go train at The Tower of the Gods one last time before winter hit…”

Logan: “You just got back after your trip to the capital and you are leaving again? You haven’t even been back a week…”

Belinda: “Well if we wait too long the weather will probably prevent us from returning all the way up till next spring… I need to get at least 2 more weeks of training in before that…”

Logan: “What about Two-Twelve? You said he wasn’t an adventurer right?”

“Yea, I am going to keep an eye on things here while she goes…”

Logan: “Well maybe we will still stick around for a few days. It would give me a chance to get to know my future brother-in-law better.”

Belinda blushes and says. “We still haven’t even talked about that!”

Logan: “But surely you built this house for your sugar bear?”

Belinda makes an odd squeaking noise while blushing brightly. “You didn’t tell him about sugar bear did you?”

Logan: “Of course not… I am going to save it for the party!”

Belinda: “You wouldn’t!?”

Logan smiles a sly smile worthy of Denova while saying. “I guess we will have to see.”

Belinda: “I am begging you please don’t…” –Belinda stands there in an awkward silence for a few moments before saying. – “I have a lot more to do before the guests start arriving, so Two-Twelve can you show them to the spare rooms. Amy if you want you can stay and give me a hand.”

Amy nods and steps forward. Logan puts his arm around my shoulder again and says.

Logan: “Well I guess the guys are getting kicked out…”

We start to walk back into the entrance area when he stops looking over at the bar in the corner then he talks rather loudly where Belinda can hear.

Logan: “Wait that bar wasn’t there… Isn’t that where the love love swing is supposed to be?”

I can hear the item Belinda was holding drop to the floor and break as she blushes brightly again…Logan picks up the pace and quickly pulls me out of the room. Once out of the room I lead Logan and Amy’s brother upstairs.

“We have the three rooms on this side that share a bath, and bathroom there, you guys can use them rooms. Or we do have a larger room on this side, but you would have to share a bath, and bathroom with Zoey and Roxy… That might not be a pleasant experience.”

Logan: “Hey I am always happy to share a bath with some ladies. Are they some of your servants?”

“Well… Zoey is kind of, but she is more like family… And Roxy is her… Lover?”

Logan: “Oh the wind blows that way does it…? I’ll take this room!” -He says while motioning to the room beside Zoey and Roxy’s.-

I show him the room, it’s not fancy or anything, it just has a simple bed, desk, a set of dresser drawers.

Logan: “This will do fine… I wasn’t expecting a party though, so has Tobes managed to have a clothing store yet?”

“Well there is a tailor of sorts but nothing fancy…”

Logan: “Well I can’t show up at my sisters party dressed like this. Why don’t you show me around town and we can see what we find.”

“Alright I guess…”

I lead Logan around Tobes, but he keeps getting distracted by the buildings and shops, he seems to be checking out the town more than actually looking for a new outfit…

Logan: “So Belinda really does own most of the businesses in town?”

“Well, she owns most of the property and buildings. She lets the people running them make the business decisions though. The only one she takes the profits from is the inn, which is what she uses to boost the adventurer’s guild commissions. The rest she just charges rent on.”

Logan: “It’s quite amazing what she has accomplished in just a year… The main businesses still focus on the revenue from the adventurers, this winter is going to be the test if it will hold up I am sure.”

We finally make it to the tailor but don’t really find anything suitable. The tailor looks pretty distraught at not being able to help the prince, but Logan reassures him.

Logan: “I am sure if I gave you enough time you could have made me something suitable.”

Tailor: “Well there is one more place you can check… But I don’t know if it would be appropriate for the prince to be seen there.”

The tailor and I look at each other and both say it at the same time… “Denova…”

Logan: “The brothel owner? Why would the brothel carry such things?”

“Well Denova is quite the entrepreneur… The bar she added to the brothel is better than the adventurer’s guild and the actual tavern as well. She has a warehouse where she buys, sells, and trades, just about anything she can make a profit off of…”

Logan: “She always was a sly one… Maybe I can get the best of her this time…”

I heard Logan talk about knowing of Denova when we were at the capital, but I didn’t know he knew her personally… The tailor seems rather shocked as well but doesn’t say a word… Logan, Amy’s brother, and I then leave the tailor and begin heading across town.

Logan: “Do you really think we could find something at the brothel.”

“Well when Belinda and I made a trade with her the other day I did see quite a few racks of clothes in her warehouse… But when dealing with Denova I am more worried about what it’s going to cost…”

When we arrive at Denova’s place Amy’s brother speaks for the first time after stopping Logan. “Sir, I should go in and speak with her.”

Logan: “Nonsense, Two-Twelve did say it was the best bar in town, as long as we get a drink it will be fine.”

Amy’s brother: “But sir, what if Madam Queen finds out you visited a brothel in your travels…”

Logan: “You know… Maybe you are right…”

Amy’s brother starts to enter but appears hesitant…

“You know I could do it if you want…”

Amy’s brother then steps inside.

“I heard you talk of Denova before. I didn’t know you actually dealt with her personally…”

Logan: “Well she did work at the best brothel at the capital, of course as prince I never could partake in any of their services, but I have had to drag many a soldiers from there… Denova always proves most…formidable”

“I know exactly what you mean…”

We wait in silence for a few minutes until Amy’s brother seemingly flees from the brothel with Denova following behind.

Denova: “Well well.” –Denova bows to Logan. – “Not only do I get the pleasure of Two-Twelve twice in a week, but Prince Logan himself even wishes to do business.”

Logan: “Well, I am sure Kline filled you in on the details, so can you help me out?”

Denova: “Of course of course, I think I have just what you need.”

She leads us into her warehouse…

Denova: “Although it’s kind of surprising to find you without the proper attire.”

Logan: “I was just expecting to come visit my sister for a few days, and I didn’t expect this kind of thing.”

Denova: “Curious, I haven’t heard of any event taking place in Tobes. Two-Twelve you’re not holding out on me are you?”

“Of course not, it’s just a formal meeting…”

Denova: “So it doesn’t have anything to do with the party you and Princess Belinda are throwing this evening that I wasn’t invited to?”


Denova: “Make no mistake I can hold a secret, but no secret can be held from me.” -Moves over to one of the clothing racks checking though it. –  “Here this one ought to work, might be a bit snug though.”

Logan: “Thank you, and the cost?”

Denova: “I couldn’t possibly take gold from the prince when he comes to me for help.”

Logan: “Thanks but I prefer to settle my debts upfront.”

Denova: “Very well how about an exchange then?”

Logan: “Settle my debts with gold, and I am sure you wouldn’t overcharge the prince.”

Denova clicks her tongue then says. “Very well… 5 gold…”

Logan: “Thank you very much.” –Logan then pays Denova the gold.-

We then quickly make our way back towards the house…

“That went a lot better than I expected, especially after finding out she knew about the party…”

Logan: “You’re not kidding… I finally got her…”

Once we return to the house Logan drops of the clothing, and then asks me. “So how much longer till the party?”

“We still have a few hours. it’s going to start about sundown…”

Logan: “So what other kind of trouble can we get into until then?”

“Other than the dungeon you have seen about everything there is to see in Tobes.”

Logan: “Well I definitely want to check the dungeon out before heading back to the capital, but I wouldn’t want to get turned around and miss Belinda’s party… She would skin me alive… I will have to put that off for a day or two.”

“That’s about it then…”

Logan: “Well we still haven’t gotten any lunch, and if I have one learned one thing, it’s never drink on an empty stomach, so why don’t we go grab something?”


We head back out of the house into town. I lead Logan and Kline to the restaurant in town. Actually I have never been here… Belinda keeps talking about bringing me here, but every time we have our weekly dinner together she insists on cooking it instead…

Once we enter I am greeted by a familiar face. It’s Heart the fox beastkin that came from Queen’s dungeon.

Heart: “How unusual to see you stop by.”

“Yea, I am showing Belinda’s brother around, and we thought we would stop in for something to eat.”

Kline leans over and whispers into Logan’s ear. Logan then takes a hard look at Heart…

Heart: “I am terribly sorry I didn’t know…” –She bows to Logan.-

Logan: “Think nothing of it. It is actually quite refreshing to find someone that doesn’t automatically know who I am…But I can’t help to think haven’t we met before?”

Heart: “I don’t think so… I think I would remember meeting a prince before.”

Kline: “Was it not you who introduced young master to lady Queen at the ruins of Leona?”

Logan: “That’s right, it was you. After you introduced us, Queen asked if we would give you, and the other two you were traveling with a ride to the capital… How did you end up here in Tobes?”

Heart: “The city was just too much for us so we made our way out here.”

Logan: “I am glad I got the chance to meet you again, I wanted to really thank you for introducing me to Queen. And what of the others are they here as well?”

Heart: “Clover is attending the school your sister built, we are still together, but Diamond…”

Kline: “Where did she go?”

Logan: “Kline here took quite a shine to her as well…”

Heart: “She is still in town but fortunately, or maybe it’s unfortunately for you she has taken up working for Denova… That’s the…”

Logan: “Yea… we know… Well Kline maybe you can pay her a visit some time while we are here?”

Kline: “I must pass…”

Heart: “I’m sorry, you may sit where you like, I need to help the other customers… And I will be with you in a few minutes…”

After we take a seat Kline has a pitiful look on his face.

Logan: “So Two-Twelve, how did you meet Heart? It sounds like it wasn’t here.”

“When the girls first arrived Belinda and I gave them a hand. Belinda is the one that got Heart the job here and Clover in school. She tried to talk Diamond out of working for Denova but she was convinced that was what she wanted to do so Belinda didn’t stop her.”

Kline seems to slump lower in his chair…When Heart returns she asks us what we want to drink and I don’t know what to say so I just order coffee, I kind of liked it the other morning when Belinda fixed it. Logan nods and orders the same, but Kline just asks for some water.

Heart suggests several food items, and I have no idea what any of them are, so I wait for Logan to order something and I order the same, Kline follows suit and gets the same as well.

Logan: “Come on Kline, don’t take it too hard, remember that beastkin girl the joined an army? You had a thing for her too and remember how that turned out.”

Kline: “Don’t remind me… But I thought Diamond was something special. To find out her taking a job like that…”

“Roxy was tending bar for Denova before Zoey paid off her debt, and it doesn’t seem to bother them any…”

Logan leans in to whisper in my ear.

Logan: “Kline is still a virgin… He always falls hard for the short tailed beastkin girls, but never does anything about it.”

“Well the only other short tailed beastkin woman I know is Lilah and she is still too young, but maybe we can introduce him to Bell or Scylla, they all live with Belinda and me.”

Logan laughs then says outload. “Look here Kline you even got Two-Twelve here trying to play matchmaker for you.”

Kline seems to sink lower into his chair then Logan has a curious look on his face.

Logan: “You said Zoey, Roxy, Lilah, Bell, and Scylla? With Belinda that’s a lot of women you got there…”

“Well it just kind of worked out that way…”

Logan: “I don’t envy you one bit… There was four of us and only three girls, and they still seemed to outnumber us…”

“Well they are all pretty good girls, and do what I ask of them so I can’t really complain.”

Logan: “You will have to tell me your secret sometime…”


When the food arrives it seems to be bread stuffed with some kind of cooked meat and vegetables. Logan finishes the entire thing, but Kline eats much slower and I keep his pace, I am thankful when he quits with just about half of it left though.

Logan: “If that’s all you two are going to eat. You’re not going to make it long before passing out tonight.”

When Heart returns after the meal Logan pays her with quite a few gold coins she looks shocked and starts to protest.

Logan: “Just say its thanks for introducing me to Queen, and keep taking care of the little one.”

Heart: “Thank you…”

After we leave Kline still looks down.

Logan: “Well what about Heart? I know you prefer the short tailed ones but she was quite the fox.”

Kline: “Very funny.”

Logan: “She is taking care of that young beastkin girl as well, so she sounds like a pretty good girl.”

Kline: “Sounds like she has too much baggage to me.”

Logan: “You keep it up and you’re going to be that grouchy old man alone at the bar.”

Kline: “Besides I have my duties to you, I can’t just chase women.”

Logan: “If that’s what you are going to try to defend with, part of your duties is having a child to be there for my kids when the time comes.”

Kline: “Well excuse me if my inability to pick up women is affecting your plan.”

Logan: “You’re just too picky that’s all it is, and when you finally do find a woman that matches your criteria you don’t do nothing about it. You might not like the fluffy tails, but a lot of women go for that sort of thing, and you are quite the strong adventurer as well.”

“I didn’t know that. You’re an adventurer as well?”

Logan: “Yea he goes everywhere with me, so he is almost as strong as I am.”


When we arrive at the house Zoey is waiting at the door wearing a fancy dress that she looks like she really dislikes her long hair is also tied off on one side in a ponytail. Even her thick tail looks thoroughly brushed.

She grabs the hems of her dress and awkwardly curtseys with an uncomfortable smile. “Welcome back Bo..Sir”

“Looks like Belinda really did a number on you…”

Zoey: “Haha…You better get ready yourself the other guests should be arriving pretty soon.”

Logan and I nod, after walking upstairs right before Logan walks into his room to prepare I ask him.

“What about Kline? We didn’t think to get him some clothes.”

Kline: “That isn’t necessary I serve the young master.”

Logan: “No, he is right… This is Belinda’s house so we got to follow her rules. That means you need to cut loose and have fun tonight you hear me?”

Kline: “But sir…”

“I will see if I can come up with something for him.”

Logan: “Thanks I appreciate it.”

Logan disappears into his room, and I tell Kline I am going to go get ready and see if I can find something for him and head to my own room.

Roxy is standing outside my bedroom door wearing a fancy dress that matches the one Zoey was wearing but somehow it seems to look more natural on her then it did Zoey. When she sees me she pokes her head in the bedroom saying something.

She tells me to wait for a minute and then pokes her head back into the room… Shortly later Belinda’s bare arm sticks out of the door holding a covered garment bag with an outfit for me to wear…After I take the outfit the door quickly shuts again…

Roxy: “She wants it to be a surprise…”

“Well I needed to see if I had something for Amy’s brother to wear as well.”

Roxy: “Oh you don’t have to worry about that Amy took care of that already. Zoey and I are already done, so you can use our bathroom to get ready if you want.”

I nod then head back downstairs. I choose not to enter Zoey and Roxy’s room and instead use the unused room next to where Amy will be staying… I open the bag and find a very detailed and elaborate outfit… It looks far more expensive than the outfit I wore to meet the king in…

The size is clearly wrong, but that is easily fixed when I store it and equip it with [Menu]. After checking myself over I leave the room and check on Logan…After knocking on the door he answers it while putting on a jacket that matches my own…

Logan: “I guess we went through all that trouble at Denova’s for nothing…They even got my size pretty close… What about Kline?”

“I am pretty sure he got one too…”

Logan: “So the girl at the front door when we arrived, which one was she?

“I am sorry I should have introduced you, that one was Zoey. Oh speaking of which. Hey Zoey come here!”

Zoey who was clearly trying to sneak off somewhere but quickly turns around when she seen us suddenly freezes. With a big toothy grin and rubbing the back of her head she turns back around heading over to us.

Zoey: “What’s up boss?”

“You’re going to mess your hair up if you keep that up…And what happened to Sir?”

She drops her arm and holds her hands in front of her. “Sorry Sir!”

“I am just giving you a hard time, just be careful around Belinda… I wanted to introduce you to Belinda’s brother I forgot to earlier…”

She awkwardly bows to Logan flinging her hair about… I try to fix it the best I can… “You’re a mess already… You better get back to what Belinda was having you doing before she gets done.”

Zoey: “Yes bo..Sir!”

She quickly retreats back down the stairs… We wait for a few more minutes for Kline, but Roxy comes down the stairs.

“You might want to go keep an eye on Zoey…”

Roxy: “Yea I figured…”

“By the way this is Belinda’s brother Logan.”

Roxy elegantly bows and introduces herself to Logan she then starts to excuse herself but stops.

Roxy: “Belinda told me that you probably need to go check on Lilah to make sure she is ready.”

She then heads down the stairs. Logan then knocks on Kline’s door and he answers.

Logan: “Are you ready yet we have been waiting on you…”

Kline: “Sorry… I have never worn anything like this before…”

Kline grabs the jacket from the bed and Logan helps him put it on right, I then lead them downstairs. I introduce Kline to both Zoey and Roxy before leading the guys into the ballroom.

“You guys just sit where ever you like, I need to go check on Lilah, and I will be right back…”

After leaving the ballroom and heading back upstairs I duck into one of the rooms to transfer to the core room. Lilah is sitting in the chair watching the screens her dress still sitting out on the bed…

“Lilah… What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready?”

Lilah: “But Lilah doesn’t like it!”

“Zoey and Roxy are wearing one just like it so I am sure everyone else is as well.”

I store the dress in the inventory and then equip it on Lilah. She jumps up and stomps her feet.

Lilah: “Master that’s not fair!”

“You need to get to the house and finish getting ready, we don’t want to disappoint Belinda now do we?”

Lilah: “Yes Master…”

She then transfers from the room… I look though the screens and see Roxy already having to fix Zoey’s hair again…This is going to be a long night… I transfer back to the house and return to the ball room.

Logan: “I hope you don’t mind I helped myself behind the bar.”

“No problem, go right ahead…”

Logan is sitting at the bar with a drink while, Kline is sitting next to him pretty awkwardly. When the door opens Kline automatically jumps to his feet standing up straight. Lilah comes hopping into the room followed by Scylla as she tries to grab her to fix her hair.

Scylla: “Lilah hold still for a second! Oh I am so sorry… I didn’t realize anyone was here already…”

“This is Belinda’s brother Logan, and I am sure you met Amy earlier this is her brother Kline.”

She bows and curtsies while introducing herself. She then grabs Lilah firmly setting her down in the chair to finish her hair…

Logan leans over to whisper to Kline. Kline shoots him a look and Logan smiles.

Logan: “Quite a bunch you got here Two-Twelve…”

“Quite… Scylla have you seen Bell?”

Scylla: “Amy and Bell are helping Belinda finish get ready. Belinda wanted me to make sure Lilah was ready. They should be down in a moment.”

Logan leans over to me and whispers. “I don’t mean to be rude but what is she?”

“Oh its ok she is used to it. Scylla is a salamander beastkin, She is rather fond of her uniqueness so you can ask her about it if you want. She likes hearing stories from adventurers as well.”

Logan: “I have never seen a salamander beastkin before… I have seen an avian beastkin once and thought that was rather unique as well.”

“All the girls except Roxy and Bell are feral beastkin as well I hear that’s pretty rare in these parts as well.”

Kline: “Her skin… It’s interesting.”

“If you ask her about it I am sure she will let you feel it…”

Kline: “I couldn’t possibly…”

Logan: “Hell I will…”

Logan gets up heading over to Scylla after talking to her a second he lightly bows and she laughs holding out her arm. Logan gently takes her hand and kisses it causing Scylla to blush he then gently rubs her arm.

He bows again then returns to the bar.

Logan: “See Kline, that simple. She sure is something.”

Amy enters the room next she heads over to our group…

Amy: “Excuse me sir.” –She says while bowing to Logan.- “I was instructed by Belinda to disregard rank for tonight if that is ok with you.”

Logan: “This is her house, so I am just a guest here myself do what you like.”

Amy: “Thanks… Two-Twelve may I get a drink?”

“Help yourself…”

She gets a drink and sits next to her brother.

Logan: “See Kline, you could learn a thing or two from your sister.”

Kline: “I rather not…”

Amy: “So what did you guys do today?”

“I just showed them around town…”

The next to enter the room is Belinda… She her dress looks much like the other girls but is far more detailed and extravagant. Her hair has been curled into long flowing curls and she looks truly stunning… Bell follows her in with her head bowed and seemingly rather embarrassed.

Belinda quickly walks over to us and says. “What do you think?” While twirling around in a circle.

After a few seconds I can’t find the words so Logan speaks up first. “You look great little sis.” Which causes me to snap out of it and I simply reply with. “Yes…Stunning…”

Belinda blushes a bit and smiles. She then grabs my arms pulling me to my feet.

Belinda: “Come on, you don’t plan to sit at the bar all night do you?”

She pulls me to a large table at the far end of the room separated from all the other tables. Logan eventually follows but Amy and Kline remain at the bar. After sitting me down at the center of the elongated table facing the rest of the room she sets Logan down next to me.

Belinda: “What are you two doing? Your family tonight as well, you two come sit down over here as well!” –She says calling out to Amy and Kline.-

Bell unsure what to do moves to stand next to Scylla who just finally finished Lilah’s hair, and Lilah quickly runs over to sit next to me but Belinda moves her over one chair.  Logan grabs ahold of Belinda’s arm as she goes by, and Amy sits a few chairs down from Logan.

Logan whispers to Belinda and they both smile and Belinda nods she then moves over to Kline stopping him from sitting next to Logan then takes him down a few chairs setting him down. She then instructs Scylla and Bell to sit on either side of him.

Belinda then introduces Bell to Logan and Kline. Scylla seems unaffected but Bell and Kline both seem rather nervous.

Belinda: “Everyone else should start arriving soon. Two-Twelve why don’t we go relieve Roxy and Zoey.”

She then drags me out of the room into the entranceway.

Belinda: “I am sorry to ask this of you Roxy, but can you make sure everyone has what they need tonight?”

Roxy: “You have done so much for me, I would be happy too… Come on Zoey…”

They head off into the ballroom and Belinda and I talk for a while for the first time in a few days…But it still doesn’t feel very long as it is cut short when the guests begin to arrive. Most of the people to show up are the villagers with a few awkward adventurers here and there.

Belinda really makes an effort when one of the adventurers shows up reassuring them that they are welcome. When the Mayor arrives he is locked arms with Denova…

Mayor: “Greetings, you look beautiful Belinda… I hope you don’t mind I invited a guest…”

Belinda tries her best to smile and says… “Thank you… It’s not a problem…”

Mayor: “Two-Twelve, I would like to talk to you a little bit more about what we discussed the other day if you have time this evening.”

“Ok, if I get the chance…”

The Mayor and Denova head inside with Denova wearing a sly smile like always… Belinda then asks me what he meant.

“It’s nothing… I will tell you about it later…”

When Susan from the bakery arrives Belinda gives her a hug and they talk a few minutes before she heads inside. Not long after Susan heads in someone truly shocking arrives…

Madam Erin: “What’s the matter pup, you look surprised to see me?”

Belinda: “Oh you made it! I am so glad.”

Madam Erin looks around and says. “I am glad you invited me… When I got your message I was rather curious so I thought I would check it out… I can’t stay long but thanks for having me.”

Madam Erin excuses herself and ducks into the ballroom.

“… You invited Madam Erin?”

Belinda: “Of course. It’s not a problem is it?”

“Well no… But the fact she actually showed up is quite surprising.”

Belinda: “I think you are underestimating how much she really cares for you. She is like your mother after all.”

“Well it’s more complicated than that…”

We wait for a while longer greeting people that arrive, and after it seems everyone has arrived we head into the ballroom ourselves.

Madam Erin is sitting at one of the tables with the Mayor and Denova, while being surrounded by people as she is loudly telling stories…

Belinda: “She could have sat at our table… Well she looks like she is enjoying herself so I guess that’s what matters…”

After we head to our table and sit down Logan asks Belinda. “Who is that lady?”

Belinda: “Her name is Madam Erin… She is the one that helped Two-Twelve when he needed it.”

Logan: “Madam Erin you say…? How old is she?”

Belinda: “Ah… Why?”

Logan: “Well you are too young to remember Grandpa, but he used to tell stories. That woman reminded me of one of the stories from when he was a boy, and she called herself Madam Erin as well.”

Belinda awkwardly laughs and says. “It’s got to be a coincidence…”

Logan: “There are heroes whose lives are lengthened considerably after they destroy a dungeon, so you don’t think that it could be the same person, do you? What do you think Two-Twelve?”

“I don’t know… I mean she rarely ever talked about herself… So I mean I guess it’s a possibility. She never mentioned knowing your family though…”

As the party progresses things finally settle down around Madam Erin, and Logan goes and speaks with her for a while. Scylla finally gets Kline to loosen up a bit and he is telling her stories of the adventurers he and Logan have been on with her watching with starry eyes…

Bell sits there quietly without a word until Belinda suggest she go see if Roxy needs a hand after Zoey gives up helping to feed her face… Amy decides to help as well. Belinda becomes excited when one of the adventurers asks if he can play some music. Belinda quickly agrees and several couples move to the empty stone floor and spin each other around with the music.

Belinda: “Come on Two-Twelve, let’s dance!”

“I don’t understand…”

Belinda: “Like they are doing… Come on I will show you.”

She quickly pulls me to my feet, dragging me to the other people.

Logan: “Kline, I know you can dance, why don’t you take the young lady there out there?”

Kline shoots him a look, but Scylla quickly says. “I would love to…” Kline looks hesitant but leads Scylla out on the floor as well. It takes me a while to figure it out, but the concept seems simple enough so I eventually manage to follow Belinda’s lead without accidently stepping on her.

Logan surprisingly asks Madam Erin to dance, and she agrees. The sight is pretty bizarre like a bear dancing with a child… While Kline’s awkwardness seems to fade once he begins to dance with Scylla and he seems to be the most proficient person on the floor…

After a while Belinda thanks the adventurer playing the music and pays him with quite a bit of gold which he looks shocked and tries to turn down but she keeps insisting till he finally takes it. He continues to play for a while longer after Belinda and I sit back down.

Scylla and Kline have seemed too disappeared at some point, Roxy and Zoey danced for a short time but they ended up disappearing as well. After dancing with Madam Erin, Logan dances with several of the other women at the party. He even forces Amy and Bell to dance with him for a while.

As midnight approaches a few people have left, but most still remain. 15 or so minutes before midnight Madam Erin asks to speak with me in private…

Madam Erin: “Well I must take my leave now, but I wanted to make sure you know what you are doing. I think I figured out your plan. You used that imitation core to make this house a secondary dungeon correct?”

“I got a plan in place.”

Madam Erin: “So you do plan to extend it though the town? How are you going to manage to clear the people from an area before expanding it? Lucille still has difficulty with that every time the capital expands.”

“Really…? I tried a few things and it seemed to work, but maybe I was wrong…”

Madam Erin: “Well if it doesn’t go as planned I am sure you will figure something out. You seem to be taking quite the unique approach to it that is for sure. Well it’s almost midnight so I better get out of here. By the way nice trick with the party…”

Without another word Madam Erin leaves. I return to Belinda and the party and wait on the message at midnight…




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