Chapter: 30 Training Begins

When I start getting ready to leave to go see Belinda Lilah asks me.

Lilah: “Where is Master going?”

“I thought I would make a quick trip to Tobes.”

Lilah: “Zoey said before master makes an idiot of himself by going to Tobes, master should go see her first.”

Well it’s not like I am in a hurry… I decide I will check to see what Zoey wants. When I transfer down to her room she quickly crosses her legs in covers her breasts with her tail as she is sitting in a chair completely naked…

Zoey: “Hey boss, give me a minute and I will get dressed.”

“What are you doing naked to begin with?”

She motions to a bucket of water and rag, before I turn around.

Zoey: “I can’t use no magic, so I got to bathe the old fashion way.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just go down to the lake?”

Zoey: “Alright, you can turn around now… Can’t really do that, my bedroom don’t got no door boss.”

“You know that’s starting to become an increasing problem, hold on.”

I then look in [Menu] to see if I can add a way for the girls to have the ability to transfer themselves around the dungeon.

“Allow monsters Scylla, Zoey, and Lilah to transfer throughout the dungeon, require permission to enter Dungeon Core Room.”

Dungeon monsters Scylla, Zoey, and Lilah can now use [Transfer]

Restriction: Permission required entering Dungeon Core Room.

Is that correct?


Zoey: “Oye! Boss that felt weird, all tingly like.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

Zoey: “Just pulling your leg boss… What was it you needed? I am sure you didn’t come down here to watch me clean myself.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Lilah said you wanted to speak with me, before I went down to talk to Belinda.”

Zoey: “Yea boss… I wouldn’t do it… She seemed really mad this morning, and I think you better wait for her to come to you.

“Maybe I should go talk to Cassandra then maybe she knows what’s going on…”

Zoey: “I don’t think that’s a good…Wait can I come?”

“I guess… If you want.”

Zoey: “Alright, what we waiting for lets go Boss!… Oh wait.” –She quickly runs over grabbing a pouch tying the string to her trousers then tucking it inside.- “I will meet you out front, I want to try this.”

I then transfer to the entrance of the dungeon and wait for Zoey… After a few seconds Zoey appears in the air, and comes crashing down landing on her face and knees with her butt sticking up in the air. She however quickly jumps to her feet brushing herself off.

Zoey: “I’m good, I’m good…”


Zoey: “Well what you waiting on boss lets GO!”

We walk down the mountain path, then take one of the hunter’s trails, once in Tobes we head to Denova’s place…Once inside Zoey quickly heads to the counter and sets a coin down on the counter asking for a drink.

I go sit next to her and ask if Cassandra is available… The beastkin with the scar hands Zoey her drink then nods to me heading to the other room to find Cassandra.

Zoey: “Hey boss… My gold, I can use it for whatever I want right?”

“Yea sure I guess.”

Zoey: “I mean whatever whatever?”

“I am not sure what that means, but it’s your gold spend it any way you like.”

When the beastkin with the scar returns, Cassandra follows her in. When the beastkin with the scar returns behind the counter Zoey calls her close then whispers in her ear. The beastkin looks surprised, but then nods.

Zoey slides a 6 or 7 of gold coins to the beastkin with the scar.

Beastkin: “Cassandra, you’re just going to talk right? Mind watching the bar for me?”

Cassandra: “Sure…”

The beastkin then walks out from behind the counter and Zoey follows her.

Zoey: “Don’t say thing stupid boss, I’ll be back later!”

“What just happened?”

Cassandra: “I think your friend just paid Scar for her services…”


Cassandra: “The bar tender, I don’t know what her name was before, but that’s what Denova calls her.”

“Wait her services? You mean sex?”

Cassandra: “Yea I think so…”

“They are both women though, how does that work?”

Cassandra: “Where there is a will there is a way…”

“I thought I about had this whole thing figured out, now I feel like I don’t know anything all over again.”

Cassandra: “Oh after last night… Let me assure you… You don’t know anything…”

“So what did happen last night?”

Cassandra looks around the room then leans in and says. “Well you’re both with that dungeon up the hill right? Say you’re the boss of that dungeon, and Belinda brought a guy up to you for you to meet. That guy turns out to be the boss of another dungeon. She then tells you that she is going to go hang around in his dungeon, and may or may not be giving him xp that she should be giving only to you.”

“How is that relevant?”

Cassandra: “Just tell me how that would make you feel? Betrayed? Hurt? Mad?”

“Well “if” I was the dungeon boss, then sure I guess.”

Cassandra: “Well what you did last night was the sexual equivalent of what I just said.”

“I guess I can understand that, but what do you do if you don’t even know if she wanted to give you the xp in the first place?”

Cassandra: “Oh she wants it trust me…”

“So then what am I supposed to do now?”

Cassandra: “Well for one you shouldn’t be hanging around the other dungeon.”

“But what about her?”

Cassandra: “I am sure she will come around, I am sure she knows how awkward you are, once she calms down just talk to her… And for sake of the gods, take every drop of xp she has to give!”


Cassandra: “Here let me buy you a drink, after all I kind of feel bad for ruining your birthday for you.”

I sit there and drink the alcohol, while waiting on Zoey, while talking about casual stuff with Cassandra, but even after it starts getting late there still isn’t any sign of them returning.

Cassandra: “You friend sure seems to be enjoying herself…”

“How long should it take?”

Cassandra: “I know of some adventurers that can really get it going, but damn… Maybe I should find me a feral beastkin…”

When they finally returns they enter the room talking and laughing together. While Scar is clean and proper just like when she left Zoey’s hair is all disheveled, and her fur is all matted, even one of her ears looks bent in a weird direction.

“It took you long enough. Come on its getting late we better get back…”

Zoey: “Sure thing boss.”

As we walk out of the building I tell her. “You’re a mess, let me…”

Zoey: “Boss No!…” –She stops me as I begin to cast a [Clean] spell-


Zoey: “… I’ll take care of it myself, after we get back.”

“Wouldn’t it just be easier to just let me take care of it with magic?”

Zoey: “Easier isn’t always better… Now let’s hurry, I don’t want to show up after Belinda returns, and be the one to explain we weren’t home, because we were in the brothel all afternoon.”

“You’re the reason it took so long, so if anyone is doing the explaining it’s going to be you.”

We continue up the hunter’s trail, and then the path up to the dungeon. When we reach the dungeon Belinda is standing there with her arms crossed and is clearly angry.

Zoey: “Boss I would do just about anything for you…But for that… You’re on your own…” –She quickly runs forward passing Belinda and using transfer as soon as she hits the dungeon…-

Gave her that ability one day to soon…

Belinda: “You want to tell me where you were all afternoon? I talked to Lilah and she said you told her that you were coming down to see me. Guess what I never saw you.”

“I was going to go see you, but Lilah told me that Zoey wanted to talk to me first…When I talked to Zoey she told me it would have been a bad idea to talk to you while you were still angry.”

Belinda: “Then where did you go then?”

“I then suggested that if I couldn’t talk to you maybe Cassandra could explain to me why you where, so mad, Zoey to go for it as long as she got to go.”

Belinda: “Cassandra…I am mad at you because of Cassandra, don’t you think the LAST place you should go would be to Cassandra?”

“Yea… Cassandra explained that to me…”

Belinda: “…And yet you were still gone all afternoon.”

“Now THAT is not my fault, I found out that I am an idiot only 10 minutes after we arrived. The rest of it was all Zoey…”

Belinda: “That’s what you going with?”

“It’s the truth! I didn’t even know what a lesbian was! Cassandra had to explain that to me to…”

Belinda: “Wait Zoey is a lesbian?”

“I think so… Her and that bar tender Scar, they took hours… I couldn’t leave Zoey there by herself, so I had to wait on her.”

Belinda: “You’re not off the hook yet… Where did Zoey go?”

“When she seen you standing there she transferred to her room, I think.”

Belinda and I then transfer to the core room, and Belinda then slides the screen out from behind the desk. She quickly steps in-between me and the screen, but not before I see Zoey rolling around all over her bed naked.

Belinda: “I am going to go have a word with her, you stay HERE.”

I nod and she hides the screen back behind the desk then transfers out. Lilah and I look at each other… Then both quickly race to the desk pulling out the screen. Zoey is on her knees in front of her bed begging Belinda, as Belinda is casting [Clean] on Zoey.

Zoey: “Please! Not the bed not the bed!”

Belinda: “That is disgusting… Now get dressed, I am sure Two-Twelve is watching.”

Lilah reaches up and covers my eyes with her hands.

I then here Zoey call out. “Nooo!”

Belinda: “You may be a beastkin, but you’re not an animal, you know how many years you ancestors fought to prove that? You can’t go roll around in something and drag the scent home like a dog.”

Zoey: “But ears, tail, and fur!”

Lilah then uncovers my eyes and Belinda is rubbing her hands on Zoey’s bed after cleaning it and making it, while Zoey sits in a chair wearing a long shirt with both her arms crossed and her tail and ears are drooping.

Belinda: “I don’t care that it was with another woman, but why would you give your first to a brothel girl?”

Zoey: “It…wasn’t…my first…time…”

Belinda: “HOW? You’re not even two months old yet, we have been traveling most of it!”

Zoey: “Well we were on the road…”

Belinda: “Hold on… Two-Twelve you better not be watching this!”

Lilah covers my eyes again.

Zoey: “You think that will work?”

Belinda: “He knows better, besides Lilah is with him. Now you were saying?”

Zoey: “Well one night while Bo and I was on watch… I mean I got curious… I didn’t like it, I enjoyed today much, much more…”

Belinda: “Bo? He doesn’t even have a brain in his head!”

Zoey: “That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a big..”

Belinda: “Ok…I get it… But Bo? I mean did it all work like it’s supposed to?”

Zoey: “Fine enough, hurt like hell for a while, and just when I started to enjoy it was all over…But Scar… Didn’t have to worry about none of that, and she did this thing with her tongue… I thought I was going to die it felt so good…”

Belinda: “I can’t hear any more of this.”

Zoey: “What about boss?”

Belinda: “What do you mean? What about him?”

Zoey: “What if when he finally does give it to you, and you don’t enjoy it? Or even worse what if he never gives it to you?”

Belinda: “That wouldn’t happen.”

Zoey: “But how do you know.”

Belinda blushes bright red and says quiet. “Because one night when I was cuddled up to him while he was sleep, just his smell, and I… It won’t be a problem!”

“Lilah they are still talking about sex right?”

Lilah: “Lilah doesn’t know anymore…”

Belinda: “And as for when he will give it to me it will be when the time is right!”

“What does she mean when the time is right? How am I supposed to know when that is?”

Lilah: “Shhh”

Zoey: “For your sake I hope so…”

Lilah: “Oh they are done talking. Master quick act normal.”

Lilah quickly runs over and jumps in the chair rocking back and forth, while I quickly hide the screen and open [Menu]. Belinda then transfers into the room and I casually shut [Menu].

“So? How did it go?”

Belinda is blushing a bit, but looks relatively calm as she says. “It went fine…”

Lilah however can’t hold back… “It’s not Lilah’s fault! But don’t worry Belinda. Lilah covered Master’s eyes the entire time.”

For just spilling it all she looks awful proud of herself…

Belinda: “But he could still hear…”

Lilah: “But Belinda didn’t say anything about listening! Belinda said Master couldn’t watch! If Belinda said Master couldn’t hear Lilah would have covered his ears!”

Belinda begins to blush a bright red, she then quickly looks at me, and covering her face with her hands she transfers from the room…

“Lilah…When she said I better not be watching she meant watch, listen, or even have the screen out…”

Lilah: “Then why didn’t Belinda say that! If Master knew what Belinda meant why was Master listening?”

“It’s bed time Lilah… Just go to bed.”

Lilah: “Is Master going to send Lilah to bed?”

“You can do it yourself, I set it up where you, Zoey, and Scylla could transfer by yourselves earlier.”

Lilah: “Lilah can use magic?”

“Well what do you think you have been doing this entire time with [Menu]? That’s all magic.”

Lilah: “But that’s Master’s magic.”

“I have already figured out by past experience, that the screens are different for everyone, so your screens are yours.”

Lilah: “Lilah’s own magic…”

Lilah looks really excited. She then runs over hugs me around the middle then transfers herself out of the room.

When I check the other Dungeon Cores, it seems all the new cores are struggling pretty badly, but all managed to make enough xp outside their dungeons to replace monsters inside their dungeon. They all have went to sleep now, but as Queen went to bed not long after noon, she has now gotten up and looks to be preparing to set back out into Dyson’s dungeon.

I am not that tired so I decide to watch her for a little bit. This time when she steps out of her dungeon into the streets of the city, she has a smaller group of beastkin with her. Even with it being late in the evening there is still quite a bit of foot traffic in the streets.

Queen this time manages to make it more than just a few blocks, as she starts to explore the city. She finds a building labeled Adventurer’s Guild, but once entering it, it seems more like a den of thieves then what I would call an adventurer’s guild…

She peaks my curiosity when she places a small pouch on the counter and says she wishes to join the guild.

Receptionist: “Are them your slaves? There is an extra fee for slaves, and an additional fee for beastkin.”

This is the first time I have ever heard any of that…

Queen: “I am not registering them at the moment, just myself.”

Receptionist: “What’s this there is only 10 gold here. The fee is 25 gold.”

Queen: “That’s ridiculous.”

Receptionist: “Well you want to join or not?”

Queen: “I only have 20 gold.”

Receptionist: “That will work then.” –She quickly snatches another purse from Queen.-

The receptionist then begins to possess Queen’s ID the same way I have watched Belinda do a bunch of times. After Queen is presented with her ID I curiously take a closer look at it.


Adventurer #121,853 [Queen]                                                     Base: Mar

Race: Human                                                                                  Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                                                            Level: 1

Class: Sword Maiden                                                                    Favored Element: Light

Commissions Complete: 0

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Well I guess that answers that question. I never joined because I was afraid what it would say for race and class. I guess the favored element would still be a problem like it is going to end up being for Belinda.

Queen moves over to the commission board, and it is covered in commissions, there are so many that some are stacked on top of each other.

Several of the patrons of the guild begin to laugh at Queen as she begins to pull commission after commission off the board. The receptionist looks mad at Queen when she sets a stack with no less than 30 commissions down on the counter.

The receptionist starts to stamp the commissions’ one after the other without even looking at them. Once finished Queen takes the first commission off the stack carefully reading it then sets out into the night.

I watch her for a while as she seems to be trying to track someone down, but I begin to get tired so I decide to head to bed.

When I wake up the next morning Lilah is already happily sitting in her chair messing around with [Menu]

“Morning… How did you get here? I thought I set it to where you had to have permission before you could enter the core room…”

Lilah: “Lilah couldn’t get here, so Lilah got Belinda to bring her.”

“So Belinda is already up?”

Lilah: “Up and gone, Master missed her.”

“… We are never going to return to normal, if every time we actually do see each other matters just get worse. I guess I need to just sit down and talk with her straight.”

Lilah: “Master worries too much. Belinda only looked a little mad this morning.”

As I check on the new cores all three seem to be preparing for the next wave of attacks. Adair has managed to fill his dungeon with goblins again, although this time there isn’t quite as many. Some of the weapons and armor that some of them wear seems to be a bit better quality. I flip open Dungeon Core Information and see he has a total of 32 monsters, and he only has 20 xp.

Moving on I look in on Phobos and turn my book to his page. He shows to only have 12 xp, but has 15 crimson kobold, although they are not all brutes and elders like they were yesterday. I then look in on Queen.

She has quite a few beastkin in her dungeon, but the more curious part is in the first room by the entrance she stands next to 5 humans that are looking around curiously. They seem to be prepared to defend the dungeon with her. I decide to ask Bless what is going on.

“Bless, how did Queen get ahold of 5 humans to defend her dungeon?”

Bless: “I don’t know.”

“I thought you were going to watch Queen and Dyson.”

Bless: “I am only watching Dyson. I don’t care about the girl.”

“… Well I guess if you’re watching Dyson, that at least means he didn’t give them to her. I wonder how she got them then…”

Bless: “Don’t know. Don’t care.”

Well in a way, I guess she is right. We are supposed to be judging the trainers not the trainees. I just figured you the best way to tell if the trainer was doing well was to see the progress of the trainee. I decide to look in other the trainers now.

Maric is standing outside what I am guessing is Adair’s dungeon with a group of goblins that look very evenly matched with Adair was preparing. After checking over their equipment, Maric enters Adair’s dungeon.

Maric: “Alright, you managed to recuperate quite well after yesterday’s battle, but it’s only going to get tougher from here on out. Are you ready to begin?”

Adair: “Yes sir! I won’t let you down.”

Once the battle starts it a massive mess, but I believe as Adair flings spells at the invading goblins, his group with eventually win, even if they suffer major losses.

I switch over to Laura, who is having an intimate moment with a human man. The man kisses her then embraces her. Laura’s has an unconcerned look on her face, but ones the man beings to pull away she quickly shifts to a bright smile.

Laura: “As I said before I don’t know what extent they are going to be capable of, so we need to put everything on hold till after the elder selection. Then after that we should be able to resume our plans, and if I manage to become an elder we should be able to shorten our timeline by a few years.”

Man: “I understand, once Listel returns from her current scouting mission I will have her wait on standby. I will just deal with the politics for now and leave the rest till you are ready.”

Laura: “And Aaron, don’t screw this up for me.”

Aaron: “Don’t worry my love, I promise everything will go according to plan.”

Laura: “Now, I better go, I have to deal with the new core.”

Laura then transfers to just outside Phobos’s dungeon and once she is set she begins sending in groups of kobolds in without warning. When I switch over to Dyson I find him sitting in the throne room while several of the human women rub all over him…

I switch to Queen and find her fighting in the front lines of her dungeon against no less than 20 humans. As the humans she had helping her guard the dungeon fall she falls back to the middle room where she regroups with her beastkin.

With the help of the beastkin Queen manages to stop the intruders in the third room. As soon as the last intruder hits the ground Dyson then enters her dungeon.

He slowly claps as he meets her in the third room.

Dyson: “Very good. Nice trick with the humans. Conserving your xp and hell even gaining xp when they died, the question is will you be able to pull that little trick off again. Let’s see… I will give you 12 hours to prepare for the next attack.”

Before she even answers he leaves her dungeon. I follow him but he just returns to his throne, so I go back to watching Queen. She cleaned up her dungeon except the 5 human bodies, she then has a few of the beastkin grab their arms, and they then set out into Dyson’s dungeon dragging the corpses.

A guard stops her at one point, but she shows them 5 stamped commissions and they let her pass. Once arriving at the Adventurer’s Guild she has the beastkin pile the corpses in the middle of the floor. She then slaps the five commissions on the counter.

Queen: “5 bounties complete.”

The receptionist looks a little nervous and several of the other patrons of the guild have begun to whisper. The receptionist calls a man from the back room that comes out looking over the bodies, after determining their identities he nods to the receptionist and she then completes the commission for Queen.

Queen then exits the guild, but as soon as she exits the door someone quickly runs past her bumping into her. The man however doesn’t get far as Queen quickly jerks a string causing the man to fall to the group.

She snatches her coin purse out of the man’s hand then leans forward getting in his face. The man quickly begins to panic. Queen however pours quite a few of the coins into the man’s hand, and whispers to him.

The man quickly calms down and nods, Queen then pours a few more coins into the man’s hands and he quickly takes off down the street. She then pulls out a few more of the commissions she took the night before looking them over she sets off into town.

I spend the rest of the morning switching back and forth around to the 6 different cores, but always ending up spending the most time on Queen as her exploits seem to be the most entertaining… Sometime shortly after noon I switch to Maric and notice him talking with Adair, so I check to see what’s going on.

Maric: “This massive goblin catastrophe is not going to get either of us anywhere. A small precise group that is what you have to worry about in the real world, so I will make a deal with you. First I will start with one group equal to a group of adventurers, and we will slowly work our way up from there.”

They continue to talk a while Maric discusses strategy, tactics, and begins telling Adair stories about the groups of adventurer’s he has had to deal with in his dungeon. Some of it is information I even find useful.

Once they are done Adair changes his dungeon around, then he takes a small group out and hunts goblins in Maric’s dungeon. I finally get up from my chair and stretch.

“Hey Lilah how is things going in our dungeon?”

Lilah: “Master is busy, so Lilah has been working extra hard!”

I walk over to her and pat her on the head.

“You have really been a great help Lilah, is there anything you want?”

Lilah thinks hard for a moment.

Lilah: “Lilah wants her own room!”

“You have your own room, as a matter of fact its probably the biggest one even if it is only by a few feet.”

Lilah: “Master gave Lilah her own bed, but everything else is not Lilah’s!”

“Well I guess you are right, it was all Belinda’s old stuff, then it was Thirty-seven’s… You were always with Thirty-seven so you just kind of inherited it all didn’t you.”

Lilah: “Being around all of Thirty-seven’s stuff makes Lilah lonely…”

“I am sorry Lilah, I gave Belinda 500xp to make her room when she did a good job, how about I give you the same to do whatever you want with.”

Lilah: “Lilah can have 500xp?”

“And you can do with it whatever you want, furniture for your room, maybe some new dresses, anything.”

Lilah runs over to me and hugs me. “Thank you, thank you, master!”

“Well you deserve it, if I didn’t have you around to watch the dungeon while I took care of everything else I don’t know what would happen.”

I open [Menu] and unlock 500xp for Lilah to use anyway she wants.

Lilah: “Lilah is going to think really hard on how to spend her xp!”

“I was thinking of going down to Tobes to have a talk with Belinda, do you want to go.”

Lilah: “Lilah wants to go, but Lilah is going to stay behind to look at [Menu].”


I then transfer to Zoey’s room, but she isn’t there. I then transfer to Scylla’s room, and she is gone as well. I check on Bo and Ike, but they are still in their rooms. I transfer back to the core room.

Lilah: “Did master forget something?”

“Have you seen Scylla or Zoey?”

Lilah: “They left with Belinda this morning, something about completing commissions.”

“Well I guess there is nothing for them to do in the dungeon all day, and they might as well be in Tobes doing something I guess.”

Seeing Queen using the humans to fight for her in her dungeon gave me an idea, so once I enter Tobes I head to one of the first buildings that was commissioned after the inn, but I have never bothered to visit.

Man: “Well now, what a surprise seeing you here, I heard you been carrying a sword after what happened to your poor sister, but didn’t think I would ever see you in here. What can I do for you?”

“Well I was just curious, what all can you make here?”

Man: “I can make about any armor from chainmail to full-plate, and pretty much any kind of weapon.”

“What about the quality of the items.”

Man: “I may not be not fancy big city smith but I make solid work.”


The man moves over to a rack pulling a simple sword off of it he unsheathes it, and sets it on the table in front of him.

Man: “See look there! Nothing wrong with it, I make good solid work.”

I can’t really tell just by looking at it, but it looks like a standard steel sword to me.

“Well I guess, can you make anything like this?”

I pull out the dwarven sword to show the smith.

Man” Wo boy, where did you get a blade like that from? The princess give that to you? I am sure that cost a small fortune…”

“Well could you?”

Man: “Dwarven metal is pretty rare in these parts. I am not saying I couldn’t… But I sure wouldn’t want to risk messing up ore that valuable even if you could get it.”

“I guess armor is out of the question then?”

Man: “Armor! Out of dwarven metal? You would have to be some kind of hero or prince…”

“Well back to the normal stuff then. How long would it take to make a couple dozen sets of armor?”

Man: “A couple dozen? Belinda planning on refitting the town guards or something?”

“Ah…well, I guess it’s something like that.”

Man: “To be honest I don’t have much time to make armor. Most the kids that come in here all got old rusty hand-me-downs and I got to get them back in working order, so I spend most of my time repairing. It also depends on the armor. Chainmail or Full-plate armor a couple dozen sets would take months, even just breast-plates would take 2 or 3 months.”

“Ah… I see.”

Man: “We are not really big enough for a full on production smithy.”

“Oh one more quick question. You remember that hero that came through here a few months ago? The beastkin woman, she had a sword that was made of some kind of blueish metal. Do you have any idea what that is?”

Man: “Blueish…?” –He seems to be thinking hard for a moment then quickly says.- “She had a mythril sword? Oh I would have loved to see that…”


Man: “Yea, best of the best that is… I could make a full-plate out of solid gold, and not come close to the price of just a sword made of mythril…”

Just how much was that armor Dyson made Queen worth…

“Well I am sorry to take up your time, but it doesn’t look like it would work for what I was looking for sorry.”

Man: “thanks for stopping in, and if you ever see that hero again send her my way, I would love to see that sword even just once…”

Well that didn’t work, I figured since gold was the least of our problems I could just buy some weapons and armor for the monsters, but I guess even if he could of made them it would be suspicious for me to be buying so much..

Now that I figured that out, might as well head to the adventurer’s guild. Once I enter the guild I see Scylla sitting at a table with several adventurer’s they are all asking her a bunch of questions. Belinda seems busy behind the counter, so I decide not to bother her just yet.

“Scylla, is everything ok?”

Scylla: “Yes master, everything is fine, they were just curious.”

The adventurer’s quickly scatter heading to different tables.

“Curious about what?”

Scylla: “Reptile and Amphibian beastkin are kinda rare, only thing rarer are bird beastkin, so most of them have never seen one before.”

“It doesn’t bother you them looking at you like some sort of oddity?”

Scylla: “On the contrary, I like talking with the adventurers, and if they are curious about me, it makes me happy.”

“Just don’t go letting them go poking you with stuff.”

Scylla: “Are we still taking about me or are we talking about Zoey now?”

“What do you mean?”

Scylla: “Oh never mind master, it was a joke…”

“You know you don’t have to call me master, you can just call me Two-Twelve instead.”

Scylla: “It’s ok, I like calling you master.”

“Speaking of Zoey… Where has she gone off to now?”

Scylla: “…After we finished a few commissions in town today she kept begging Belinda, until Belinda told her to just leave, so she headed back to Denova’s place.”

Belinda comes up to the table.

Belinda: “Hey, why didn’t you say anything when I came in? How long you been here?”

“You looked busy, and if you didn’t see me I guess that means you where, so I didn’t want to bother you.”

Belinda: “Hey you want a drink? We still have well over half of that barrel from your birthday stored in the back I can get you some.”

“… No that’s ok…”

Belinda: “Ok, I got just a bit more paperwork to take care of, and then we can go.”

She then heads back towards the counter.

“Now, am I imagining things or was that weird?”

Scylla: “Don’t think too much on it master, she has been acting that way all day.”

“…So… What kind of commissions did you do today?”

Scylla: “Mostly just deliveries, Zoey did all the heavy lifting while I took care of the paperwork… It seemed to work out pretty well. Belinda said we should make a habit of coming down here doing commissions like that to help our reputation in Tobes.”

“Are you two getting everything you need? I kind of left you guys to Belinda, and haven’t really been making sure you are doing ok like I should…”

Scylla: “Its fine master. You are really busy, and Belinda is the one that “acquired” us.”

“I think this is actually the first time I have sat down and actually talked to you… Zoey has been hanging around me quite a bit since you guys got back, but I am sure it was all just a ploy for me to take her to the brothel now that I think about it…”

Scylla laughs and says. “Don’t worry about it master, I don’t think Zoey thinks that far ahead. I think she likes being around you.”

“Well what is it you enjoy? You said you liked talking with the adventurer’s, what else?”

Scylla: “I never have really thought about it…”

There is a little awkward silence between us for a little while before Belinda begins to walk back towards the table, but before she makes it too us Zoey comes crashing in through the door.

Zoey: “I’m here! I’m here! I’m not late!”

Belinda ignores Zoey and looks over to Scylla and me saying. “I am done now if you are ready to head home.”

Scylla and I get up from the table and start heading towards the door. Belinda then turns around and begins inspecting Zoey. Zoey looks well-groomed unlike yesterday, and she even stands up straight as Belinda gives her the once over.

Belinda even leans forward giving Zoey a sniff.

Zoey: “I took proper care today! I promise!”

Belinda: “I thought I would make sure you weren’t trying to bring the scent home with you this time!”

Zoey quickly tucks what looks like some kind of pillowcase into the back of her trousers while trying to keep it hidden with her tail.

Zoey: “I would do no such thing!”

Belinda eyes Zoey suspiciously then turns and walks out the door. Zoey is still standing straight as Scylla and I walk by, and I lean in and simply whisper. “Liar.”

Zoey then nervously chuckles holding her hands behind her back as she begins to follow us out the door. We slowly make our way home taking one taking one of the old hunter’s trails up the mountain. Zoey quickly bolts for the dungeon once it’s in sight and transfers away. Scylla however wishes us a goodnight before transferring.

Once Belinda and I transfer to the core room Lilah is sitting in her chair still looking at what is probably a screen in front of her deep in thought.

“Alright Lilah, its bed time, you can finish up tomorrow.”

Seemingly without looking away from the screen she gets up waling over to Belinda, it takes her three or four tries of grabbing in the air before she manages find Belinda with her arm as she gives her a quick hug, says night, and transfers from the room.

Belinda: “What was that about?”

“I told her how proud I was of her and gave her some xp to spend however she wanted, so she is trying to figure out how to spend it.”

Belinda: “Oh.”

“Good night.”

Belinda: “Hey Two-Twelve…”

“What is it?”

Belinda: “I know I have been kind of a pain…Do you think it would be ok to stay with you tonight?”

“Do what you like.”

Belinda then nods and quickly transfers from the room… Maybe she changed her mind. I start to head to bed, but then Belinda returns. She is wearing her short flashy nightgown, and is lightly blushing. I start to take of my shirt but she stops me.

She then takes the edges of my shirt lifting it off of me herself, she then leans in kissing me. Belinda then makes her way to the bed and crawls in. After I crawl in bed she wraps her legs around me and gently starts rubbing my chest as she sets her head on it as well.

I lightly rub my fingers up and down her back. She looks up at me with a lightly blushing face, and I swipe some of her hair from in front of her face. She then slides up kissing me, and for the first time I mimic her kissing her back.

I start to think of what Cassandra told me, and that feeling or emotion starts to build. I then think of what Belinda said last night though… When the time is right… What’s that even supposed to mean…  I quickly fight off the feeling building in me as our lips part, and Belinda returns her head to my chest again.

After a while of rubbing her back Belinda fades off to sleep. I then fall asleep as well.



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