Chapter 28: Belinda, Two-Twelve, and Zoey?

By the time I finally reach level 14, Scylla and Zoey have both reached level 12. Unfortunately the guys haven’t leveled at all since they hit level 10. Both girls gained a new skill at level 10, and Scylla has even gained a few more spells, I however have only managed to rank up my spear training skill.

“You, and Zoey both gain skills and spells as you level up, but I don’t.  If the reason for it is that I am the dungeon’s boss monster that sounds like it’s a disadvantage.”

Scylla: “It is unusual that you haven’t learned any new skills, but the spells you know… There are quite a few, even for a boss monster.”

“Two-Twelve bought them for me at the dungeon.”

Scylla: “That shouldn’t be possible only dungeon cores are able to learn spells that way.”

“How do you know that?”

Scylla: “I am a dungeon monster… It’s just common sense.”

“Two-Twelve didn’t say anything like that… When I asked about it he just bought me the spells…”

Scylla: “If you haven’t noticed our dungeon core is a little… “Special” He can do some extraordinary things without even realizing it, but some things that should be simple he is clueless about…”

“Yea… I heard he has been strange like that since birth, it even left the elders scratching their heads about it.”

Scylla: “They haven’t found the reason?”

“Not that I have heard, it could be due to his crystal not having a favored element, but from what I understand that in is self could be due to the fact he just didn’t know he was supposed to have one, so he learned spells from each element…”

Scylla: “Maybe it is because he shares the number of an elder that died? After all the previous 212 was close to 1000 years old when he died, and no other dungeons come close except the other elders.”

“Who knows… Well you got everything packed up? Once Zoey makes it back we will start heading home.”

Scylla: “All set.”


Two-Twelve’s POV

I woke up this morning with my ears ringing, I drank a few of them alcohol drinks with Cassandra last night, but I don’t see why that would make my ears ring… Shorty later I receive word from Belinda that they have finished their training and are on their way home.

The last week has gone by pretty quickly, when I met with Cassandra again Lilah got angry, so last night when we planned to meet I brought Lilah along so she would calm down. Lilah wouldn’t enter the bar so I had Cassandra pack us up some of the alcohol and we took it back to the adventurer’s guild.

Lilah sat with her arms crossed half the evening while we talked, but once Cassandra started to talk about how bad it was with Edward, Lilah started to warm up to her.  When I looked Bianca up in the Dungeon Core Information it said she was in Duscae Kingdom, but I still don’t know where that is.

I asked the girls in a roundabout way, by asking where Edward acquired them from, it still took a while of careful wording before I as able to learn that Duscae is a few more days east past Kortova, and once you enter the kingdom it’s still 4 or 5 days till you reach her dungeon. I am still not sure of its exact location though.

The groups that enter the dungeon lately all have at least one C-rank member. There are even training commissions on the board where for a few gold a C-ranker leads a few new adventurers into the dungeon.

This has started to cut down on the xp we acquire, but Lilah has begun to get ruthless with her tactics on the groups that push down to the third floor. We have been able to gather quite a bit xp, and depending on how much xp Belinda brings back we may finally be able to finish the third floor and start another.

As the day that Belinda is set to return draws near I receive work from Madam Erin.

Madam Erin: “Are you ready pup? Tomorrow is the big day.”

“Tomorrow? I thought we still have a few more days?”

Madam Erin: “Nope, tomorrow will be your first birthday,  we want everyone here for the birth of the new cores. You are ready right?”

“Belinda still hasn’t returned yet, but we should be able to make due.”

Madam Erin: “Good, I will be there first thing in the morning to get you.”

That evening just after dark I receive a message from Belinda.

Belinda: “We are almost home! We tried to get there tonight, but it just got to dark and we can’t see any longer. We will be there before noon for sure.”

“That’s good, I received word from Madam Erin, apparently tomorrow is the day, so she will pick me up first thing in the morning.”

Belinda: “That’s not fair! Not again, why is it every time I come home you have to leave? I thought we were going to be able to spend a few days together before you had to leave?”

“So did I, apparently my calculations were off…”

Belinda: “What’s worse is I don’t even get to spend your birthday with you…”

“It’s just a date… We can do something for it when I return.”

Belinda: “That’s not the point! It’s your first one, we should have been able to throw a grand party for you, like we did for my birthday…”

“Honestly no thanks… That wasn’t my idea of a good time…”

Belinda: “You’re not the only one that counts! The rest of us would like to enjoy it as well”

“But it’s my birthday…”

Belinda: “I thought you said it was just a date?”

“…Alright, whatever, I am going to go to bed now, I will message you tomorrow as soon as I found out how long I am going to be gone for.”

Belinda: “Good, and when I make it back I will start planning your party.”

I sigh then turn in for the night. The next morning just as I am getting out of bed Madam Erin enters my dungeon. I quickly go grab Lilah out of her bed, and take her to the core room, Half asleep I set her in the chair, her head bobbing as I give her instructions.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright?”

Lilah: “Lilah’s got it.” –She gives me a thumbs up while her face has a sleepy smile.-

I quickly head down to the entrance to the dungeon to meet Madam Erin.

Madam Erin: “What took you so long pup? Long night with the ladies?”

“Of course not.”

Madam Erin: “I heard you are spending quite a bit of time in that brothel in town while your poor boss monster was working her tail off in my dungeon.”

“How did you hear that?”

Madam Erin: “So you’re not denying it? You always have been a little too honest for your own good.”

“It’s not like that, I was learning things from one of the girls there.”

Madam Erin: “Oh I bet you were.”

“I know what you are implying, and although yes some of the things I learned from her was sexual in nature, no I haven’t practiced any of it… What I learned was she was a dungeon monster, and I was learning about another dungeon.”

Madam Erin: “Bianca still in the slave trading business? Not what I call a respectable way to live, but to each their own I guess.”

“What don’t you know?”

Madam Erin: “Your crystal is a diamond that doesn’t appear to be of any one element, do you possess a new element? Or none at all?”

“Nice try, are we ready then?”

Madam Erin: “Well you asked.” –She says with a smile, she then hits me in the back with her huge hands.-

We head down the trail leading away from the mountain down to the same stone she drew the door frame on before, after looking around she begins drawing one again. After a few minutes she opens the portal, we step inside, and enter the same familiar hallway.

When we enter the grand room, all the tables and chairs have been removed. Instead, in front of the elder’s podium there are three stone benches that look just like the one I woke up on.

All three of the elder candidates, and several of the other judges have already arrived, it looks like only Greaks the serpent like dungeon core and Draco are still missing. I go stand with the others while Madam Erin, takes her position.

Once Draco, and Greaks enter the room, they take their positions, and the three candidates step forward towards the stone benches.  Each seem to be accessing  [Menu] then each hold a set of clothing.

Maric has a highly decretive over the top robe, which even has jewels sewn in. Laura likewise is holding a robe although well-made it is plain and grey. Much to surprise of the other two, and several others including the elders.

Dyson is holding a beautiful dress designed for combat. It has a solid breastplate, shoulder guards and a metal sewn into the sleeves, From the bottom of the breastplate it has a chainmail that extends to the waist. The bell of the dress has several long plates sewn into it protecting the waist, hips, and legs without sacrificing beauty or movement. All the metal on the dress is made of the blueish metal that Listel’s sword was made from.

Laura quickly speaks out. “This is outrageous, that clearly violates the rules set down by not helping  the new cores with equipment.”

Dyson: “The rules clearly state I can provide one set of clothes, and it cannot exceed 50xp in cost. As this is a dress it fits under the rules, and as I made this myself it didn’t cost any xp.”

Laura: “Made it yourself? Like I am supposed to believe that.”

Draco: “Although it is clearly pressing the boundaries of the rules it does however fall within the guidelines, but be warned. The rules will be amended before next year’s cores are born.”

Dyson then puffs out his chest with a sly smile, while Laura looks on appalled.  Meric however seems disinterested as he quietly waits.

Soon the room is filled with light much like the light that shined on Belinda when she became a boss monsters, and forming on the three stone benches are three featureless bodies. The three candidates step forward, Maric and Laura draping the robe over the bodies, while Dyson kneels holding the dress out in outstretched arms.

The bodies then harden turning to what looks like stone before cracking and pieces begin to crumble away leaving a person underneath. They all three appear to be humanlike, with the ones covered with a robe both being male, while Dyson’s appears female.

Once the last piece of stone hits the floor seemingly disappearing without out a trace, they open their eyes. Almost in unison they sit up and begin to look around. The female in the group looks down at herself covering her breasts with one arm while she grabs the armor from Dyson’s arms.

After taking it Dyson then stands, she taps in front of herself until the armor disappears from her lap then reappears covering her body. The two men then reposition the robes wrapping them around their bodies as they stand up, the woman then likewise stands as well.

As Draco beings to speak the three turn around facing the podium.

Draco: “Welcome younglings, you may be rather confused, but gives us time and we will explain the situation.”

Faron: “You three will become the forerunners of a new tradition among the dungeon cores, as such your training will be a little different than those held in the past.”

Madam Erin: “We have found that the old way of training cores is no longer effective and with it have decided to change the rules.”

Fredrick: “No longer will the dungeon cores doing the training be chosen at random, but by the one of the three behind you that will become our new elder and training ambassador.”

Lucille: “This year we will decide which, if any of you shall pass, but starting next year it will be by the sole deaccession of the new elder.

Draco: “Following in Madam Erin’s example of last year, the rules for the training cores will be different as well.”

Faron: “No longer will the trainers be limited to a maximum xp, and will be judged solely on the decision of the trainers.”

Madam Erin: “As such the five judges will decide if the battles are fair, but starting next year it will be up to the new elder these five choose.”

Fredrick: “Meaning the decision of who you five choose to become the new elder will help shape every dungeon born from here after.”

Lucille: “Trainers, you have a lot of work ahead, and need to get started so you should be receiving the revised rules…Now…”

Maric, Laura, and Dyson all seem to receive something as they begin tapping on what should be screens.

Draco: “Maric, you will take Dungeon Core #3 and train him to the best of your ability, and remember not only his life depends on it, but it could be your future as well. You are dismissed.”

Maric: “I won’t let you down!” –Then he talks to the new core in front of him then they leave the room.-

Faron: “Laura, you will be responsible for Dungeon Core #12’s training, your dreams and aspirations will rest on how well you do. You are dismissed.”

Laura doesn’t say anything, but moves over to her new core and they both leave the room.

Madam Erin: “And lastly Dyson, Your unique ability to summon humans has often either made or broke new dungeons.  I believe you are singularly capable of training the best core out of the three, but don’t let that go to your head. As these five are not going to just be judging how strong your new core has become, but also how you got there.  Now take Dungeon Core # 307 and begin.”

Dyson bows to the new dungeon core in front of him then offers her his hand escorting her from the room. Then Lucille waves her arm and the three benches disappear and five chairs are in there place. She then motions for us to sit, and once we are all sitting Fredrick beings to speak.

Fredrick: “You five will have a unique ability to look in on the progress of all three of the new dungeon cores, and will be privy to knowledge of their trainers that most others are not.”

Lucille: “As you look in on them remember the one you chose as the new elder will gain that ability, from the time they are chosen so choose wisely.”

Draco: “You will each go back home, and use that ability to track the progress of the new cores and their trainers, and return here once a week to discuss their progress.”

Faron: “Once the month is up and the new cores either pass or fail we will decide, we will then allow you five to decide on the next elder by a unanimous vote.”

Madam Erin: “If you cannot reach a unanimous decision by then, you will remain here until you do.”

Fredrick: “Any thoughts?”

The small girl with leathery-wings speaks.

Girl: “You can already rule out Dyson, I will not hand over the keys to the kingdom as it were to a human.”

Lucille: “I understand your reservations, but give it the month, and after your observations you still feel the same way, make it known to the others.”

Girl: “I have no intention of changing my mind.”

Madam Erin: “Alright, then look at it this way, you have an ability for a full month to look in on him watching his moves and learning his weaknesses, As long as you complete your task, what you do with the information afterwards it up to you.”

“I am assuming the training, and teaching is going too far surpass what dungeons have experienced in the past, as such Dungeon Core #3 died in under a week last year, What are we going to do for judging the teacher if the student dies too early in the month?”

Greaks: “Exactly, sssssome coressss are weak from the ssssstart, how are we to judge the teacher if they end up with a lossssser.

Draco: “Maric, Laura, and Dyson want this more than anything, I am sure they are going to try their very best to keep their cores alive. You job is to watch and make sure they are training them correctly even if the core they are training is unresponsive.”

Lucille: “However if one of them does die early in the month we will have to come up with a contingency plan at the next meeting.”

Fredrick: “Any other questions.?”

Faron: “Alright we will give you some time to talk amongst yourselves when you are guy ready to go let us know.”

The elders then part from their chairs and leave the room.

“Well why don’t we start by introducing ourselves. I am Dungeon Core #212, you can just call me Two-Twelve, I know most of you but, not all, so I thought if we got to know each other a bit it would make it easier to work together over the next month.”

Greaks: “Very well, I am Dungeon Core #2 Greakssssss, and it isssss a pleasssssure meet you all.”

Simon: “Dungeon Core #245, call me Simon.”

Bella: “My name is Bella I am Dungeon Core #790, may we be able to find the right fit to fill the elders.”

“I am sorry to hear about Newt… I am sure you did what you could.”

Bella: “It’s nothing, he chose a bad location to start his dungeon, I told him over and over, location is key.”

“And you are?” –I say to the girl with the leathery wings.-

Girl: “Fine, call me Bless, I am Dungeon Core #313.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all. No why don’t we each tell the group what we know about the three candidates. That way others that don’t know anything about them then know what to keep an eye on during their observations.”

Bless: “Who put the kid in charge?”

Simon: “It actually makes a lot of sense. Fine I will go first. I don’t know much about Meric other than he is the oldest second generation dungeon core, I have heard others call him pretender, but I don’t know if it is just because he took the original Maric’s name and dungeon, or there is more to it.

I don’t know much of what Laura has been doing in the last 100 to 150 years, but when I was being trained by Lucille, Laura often talked to her. They were friends from what I understood, Laura really looked up to Lucille, trying to follow in her footsteps, I am not sure what their falling out is about though.

As for Dyson, who hasn’t heard of Dyson.”

Bella: “They are all solid cores, I heard Dyson runs a human city, Laura has taken a human king as a boss monster, and Meric has a small city surrounding his dungeon as well.”

Greaks: “ I am ssssstill not much older than the youngling myssssself, I have only heard the rumorssssss about them.”

Bless: “Dyson is a dungeon killer, he sides with humans killing dungeon cores, hell Bella even said it he runs a human city.  As for the others I could care less as long as it’s not Dyson. What about you oh one year wonder what do you know?”

“I know Maric has trained over 10% of the cores that are still alive today, His own boss monster is a dungeon core that could have their own dungeon if they wanted but rather stay in his dungeon. I have heard there is more to the rumor of him being called pretender then just his name and dungeon. I also feel he seems too eager to please. All the humans I have meet that act that way are the ones you have to worry about.

Laura had a dungeon in a small town for many years, but once Merretta split in two, she made the new king her boss monster turning the town on top of her dungeon into the capital of the kingdom. She has been sending out dungeon monsters that have been designated hero’s by the adventurer’s guild to check out and/or eliminate other dungeons as well.

Dyson might get a bad rap for having to live amongst humans but he has done more in his short time, then any other core I have seen, his level even surpasses that of the elder’s levels. He may have killed 43 dungeons, but I heard each were not exactly innocent.”

Bella: “For only being a year old, you sure know a lot… How did you learn all that?”

“I have my ways.”

Bless: “Madam Erin seems awful fond of you… Are you pulling a Simon and sleeping with you teacher?”

Simon: “Who would be the top in that relationship?”

Bless and Simon both begins to laugh.

Bella: “Alright enough, at least now we know what to keep an eye out for.”

Greaks: “I guessssss we are done here then I will ssssee you guyssss in a week.”

The group then breaks up and we head into the hallway, The elders are there waiting to escort us home, and Madam Erin stops me right before passing into the portal.

Madam Erin: “Well what do you think?”

“It’s too early to tell. All three seem determined to win. I think Dyson and Laura will openly push the boundaries of the rules like he did with the armor, but at least it makes it easy to follow. Meric is the type to do it from the shadows, while shaking your hand with a smile on his face, so I think watching him closely is a must.”

Madam Erin: “Haha, pup I am sure glad I chose you, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. What about the judges?”

“Greaks seems nice enough, but he seems to be a bit of a yes man. Bella has the experience, but I don’t know if she really cares one way or another. Bless will probably nitpick everything Dyson does and completely ignore Laura, and Meric. Simon I thought I might have a bit of a problem with, but he seems have his head in the game, so we will see.”

Madam Erin: “Once your dungeon begins to take off, I feel sorry for those who stand in your way… Although I would work on you common sense a bit if I was you.”

“What do you mean?”

Madam Erin: “See you in a week.” –She then pushes my chest practically throwing me though the portal.-

I come rolling backwards out of the portal, after spinning a few times my head lands on an empty leather boot. Looking up I see a familiar face, Zoey is standing there naked, but holding her clothes up in front of her self, covering her body.  Her tail begins to wag as she squats down patting my head.

Zoey: “Hey Belinda, I found boss.”

Belinda: “Boss?”

Zoey: “Yea I figured I would give it a shot, he didn’t seem to like being called master so I thought I would go with boss.”

Belinda: “Two-Twelve’s here? Where? –She says in a panicked voice.-

I sit up and begin to rub my head, Looking around I see Belinda’s gear leaning against a rock, along with Scylla’s robes and gear as well. I realize we are down by the lake, and they must have stopped before heading up to the dungeon.

Zoey: “He’s right here at my feet, he came rolling out a rock all sneaky like.”

Belinda: “Tell him to go away!”

Zoey: “She said we are taking a bath after our long trip, you should join us.”

Zoey then turns around covering her butt with her tail as she sets her clothes down then disappears behind the rock. I then get up dusting myself off.

“It’s not like you have anything I haven’t seen before, and here I thought you were upset I might not get to see you today, and now you are telling me to go away.”

Belinda: “It’s not like that! But I am all dirty from the trip, and the girls are here too.”

“Oh I see, so you would be ok with it if the girls weren’t there?”

I can hear Zoey, and even Scylla laughing while I imagine Belinda is blushing brightly.

Belinda: “Will you please go on! We will meet you up at the dungeon soon.”

Zoey: “Boss! She said the waters great, come for a swim.”

Scylla is still laughing but I can hear Belinda griping at Zoey.

“Tell her thanks anyway Zoey, but I better get back, and make sure Lilah is doing ok.”

As I begin to walk away I can hear Scylla say. “What is with master? He seemed so different…”

I think about it as I head up to the dungeon, but can’t figure out why she said that. Once I reach the dungeon I surprise Lilah when I transfer into the core room, she was lying in my bed hugging on of the pillows…

Lilah: “Masters back! Lilah wasn’t doing anything she promises.”

“What about watching the dungeon, if you were I wouldn’t of snuck up on you.”

Lilah: “Intruders cause [Menu] to make noises, besides a group just left a little bit ago.”

“What were you doing anyway?”

Lilah: “Lilah was napping! Yea napping.”

“Why in my bed?”

Lilah: “Uhhh. Oh oh because master left Lilah in the core room, Lilah couldn’t leave it without master or Belinda moving me out of it!”

“That sounds like an excuse you just come up with on the spot… But I guess it is true, so we will just leave it at that then… I ran into Belinda and the others, they should be here shortly.”

Lilah: “Yay!”

An hour or so later Scylla, and Zoey are making their way up the trail with Bo, and Ike following behind them, but Belinda doesn’t appear to be with them. Once they reach the dungeon I send Bo and Ike to their rooms and pull Zoey and Scylla to the core room.

Zoey: “Hey boss, Belinda said she wanted to surprise you for your birthday, so we got to keep you busy why she decks out the adventurer’s guild.”

Scylla slaps Zoey’s shoulder then says. “It was supposed to be a secret as in don’t tell him!”

“If I am going to be forced to endure talking to all them people, maybe you can do me a favor?”

Zoey: “Sure thing boss, what do you need?”

“Can you go down to Denova’s place and ask for Cassandra. Tell her you need a barrel of alcohol, and tell her it’s for me, she should know which kind. I am sure Denova will find out one way or another so tell her if Denova comes Cassandra has to as well. This should be enough to cover it.”

I then hand her a small bag with about 50 gold coins in it.

Zoey: “Sure thing boss, but what kind of alcohol are you buying? This seems like enough to buy half the stock in the adventurer’s guild…”

“I don’t know it cost me about 2 gold a mug, but if you buy it in bulk it should be a bit cheaper so I figured that would be enough for a barrel…”

Zoey: “You’re going to let us try it too right boss? I want to know what 2 gold per mug alcohol taste like…”

“How much does alcohol usually cost?”

Zoey: “You should easily be able to buy 5 barrels for this price boss…”

“Damnit, have they been overcharging me this entire time…Well just get the barrel, and you can hold on to whatever is left.”

Lilah said she wants to help Belinda, and Scylla said she would take her, so I send them on their way while I keep an eye on the dungeon.


Zoey’s PoV


Boss seems really different then when we left, I don’t know what happened but he even gave me an important commission. He entrusted me with a large sum of gold so I can’t let him down, for some reason Lilah and Scylla are coming with me.

I thought once we hit Tobes they would go on to the adventurer’s guild but instead they are walking behind me as I head to the far side of town. When I ask them about it they said I might need help carrying the barrel so they wanted to wait for me before heading to the guild.

With all the training we did in the dungeon I should easily be able to lift something like a barrel, and I don’t know what little Lilah and a mage would be able to do, but I guess it doesn’t matter if they want to waste their time its fine with me.

This is the second time I have been here at Denova’s place. After that commission Boss had to help us straighten out, I didn’t think I would have a need to come back here again. Once I enter the building Scylla and Lilah wait outside, heck they even stay across the street…

Once inside I head up to the bar, and the attractive wolf beastkin with the scar on her face is tending bar… She is the same one that was here last time. I wonder if she is boss’s type, but he said talk to someone named Cassandra.

Zoey: “Hey, boss told me I need to come in here and ask for Cassandra, is she available?”

Wolf Beastkin: “I don’t think she is with a client right now, but all are ladies are at will. Some do take female clients, but I don’t believe Cassandra is one of them.”

Zoey: “Oh no no, I am not a client, just a friend. Out of curiosity though, do you take female clients?”

Wolf Beastkin: “Denova bought me cheap on account of my scar, I thought I would be able to pay off my debt quick, but then she stuck me behind the bar. Nobody bothers with the bar tender with the scar, when there are younger, prettier girls on the floor. So to answer your question I will take any client I can get at this point. Now excuse me I will go find Cassandra.”

The beastkin woman then walks out of the room, when she returns a few moments later a fox beastkin follows her in, and is looking around the room with a confused expression.

Zoey: “You must be Cassandra. Call me Zoey, boss sent me down here to buy a barrel of his favorite booze, he said you would know what kind. Oh sorry, boss is Mister? Sir? Well most people just call him Two-Twelve.”

Cassandra: “Oh… I didn’t know he had any employees.”

“Ah it’s just what I started calling him, he didn’t like it much when Scylla called him master, so I thought I would give boss a shot. He hasn’t objected to it so far.”

Cassandra: “So it is true Two-Twelve bought more slaves from Edward?”

I think for a minute. Belinda said that Denova thought we were slave I am pretty sure that boss said it might work as an advantage, so I decide to answer with.

“Well something like that.”

Cassandra: “You said he wants a whole barrel? I will have to ask Denova if we can sell an entire barrel.”

Cassandra then looks over at the wolf beastkin, she sets down the glass she was cleaning then heads over into the other room, a few seconds later she returns to the bar, and goes back to cleaning the glass. Denova then walks in walking over to us.

Denova: “Now what’s going on here that requires my personal attention?”

Cassandra: “She wants to buy a barrel of the black label.”

Denova: “Hell she wants to buy a barrel of it sell her a barrel.”

Cassandra: “It’s for Two-Twelve.”

Denova: “Oh I see… That means it should come out to what 80 gold?”

Zoey: “80 gold are you insane? You could by a dozen barrels for that.”

Denova: “But Black label is special.”

Zoey: “Not that special I thought you guys were cheating him, but that’s too much… I will pay 30 gold.”

Denova: “30? Come on I got to make some money off of it, how about 50?”

Zoey: “How about 35 and I give you some information you might be interested in knowing. After all you seem keen on the affairs of boss and Belinda…”

Denova: “If it’s the fact Belinda returned, no deal I know you guys left with her, so if your back so is she. 40 is my final offer.”

Zoey: “The alcohol is for Two-Twelve’s birthday celebration at the guild, 35?”

Denova: “That’s where you messed up you told me before the deal 40, take it or leave it.”

Zoey: “Yes, but I can get you invited, if you sell me the barrel for 30 gold and bring them two along?”

Denova: “Oh, I like you. I am going to have to see if I can buy your contract from him. You have a deal. Wait 2?”

Zoey: “Yea Cassandra, and her.” –I point to the bar tender.-

Denova: “I understand Cassandra, but I didn’t realize “you” made an impression on him.”

The bartender looks confused and shrugs her shoulders.

Denova: “Well whatever, one night won’t hurt nothing.”

I pay Denova for the barrel and tell her we are starting in a few hours. The bartender asks me if I got a cart ready outside but I proudly shake my head picking up the barrel and placing it on my shoulder… I then walk out of the bar with my chest puffed out, but once I make it outside I have to lean against the wall…

Damn I didn’t expect it to be that heavy… At least I didn’t make myself look like an idiot…I spot Lilah and Scylla across the street standing next to a hand cart… Damnit they knew didn’t they… I pick up the barrel again them walk over placing it in the cart.

“You know I could have carried it, you didn’t have to get a cart.”

Scylla: “You looked like you were about to bust a vein right then… You seriously expect me to believe you could have carried that across the entire town?”

“Oh well you got it, so it will make it easier, might as well use it.”

I then take the cart handles and push it along the road heading towards the adventurer’s guild, but I can hear Lilah and Scylla’s snarky comments behind me…



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