I’m The Bad Guy!? Prologue

Awake in a feverish dream. It is a dream about dying and waiting in line. I guess that’s hell? Waiting in endless lines 0as I fill up forms and reports about my life, honestly and without thinking about it.


There are so many with me that the line behind stretches towards infinity.


That’s how I knew this was a dream. But I’ve always been a lucid dreamer, so its time to look around and do whatever I want.


Being suddenly in control of myself, I look around. It is a pretty boring office building, just like any other I ever visited. There are plenty of clerks people filling up forms or waiting in line anywhere I look.


Oddly though, only the clerks are talking. All the visitors are doing their paperwork in perfect silence. Also, they are all naked and float slightly off the floor, including myself. We’re slightly transparent…


Yup, 100% a dream.


I am curious, though. The last thing I remember was going to the airport when suddenly… oh.


I was in a traffic accident. I guess that’s why I’m having such a weird dream.


On the plus side, it means I’m not dead, right? I wonder if, in real life, I’m in an hospital’s bed or even a surgery table right now? Yeah. let’s try and stay in the dream for a little longer, just in case. Don’t want to wake up in the middle or surgery or anything like that.


Looking down at the form in my hands, it os titled KARMIC BALANCE. It… seems to number every single good or bad thing I ever did in somewhat broad categories. Right now it says:


[768] Minor evil deeds

[188] Lesser evil deeds

[7] Medium evil deeds

[0] Greater evil deeds

[0] Mayor evil deeds


[8,014,999,999] Minor good deeds

[121,371] Lesser good deeds

[7,128] Medium good deeds

[13] Greater good deeds

[1] Mayor good deeds


Eh… what’s this? How does this work? Looking at the numbers, I think its okay to feel a little bit proud of myself but… that feeling disappears right away.


You see, when you think about it, what is [Evil]? I remember someone quite brilliantly defined it as “Evil is to acknowledge good, yet ignore it.”


In other words, you know there’s a choice between [Good] and [Evil] for whatever lies ahead of you, yet you still go with [Evil], at best out of convenience, and at worst, because of a sadism. That is [Evil] in a nutshell.


A gun cannot commit [Evil] no matter how many people it kills, because it did not choose to do so, just as a lion cannot be blamed if it kills a stupid tourist that got too close for a picture’s sake… that sort of thing.


Therefore, my [Evil] deeds may be far less numerous than my [Good] deeds, but they still worry the fuck out of me, you know? Those numbers show that I was fully aware that what I was doing was [Evil] at the time, yet did it anyway.


As for my [Good] deeds, I think that’s only natural as a normal human being. Most of the time, when given the choice between doing [Good] or [Evil], anyone will choose [Good], right? There are of course exceptions, but almost everyone will agree that those are sick individuals who need psychological he- no, wait. If they were mentally ill, then they too would be excused from their actions, right?


Because remember, to do [Evil] you must acknowledge your actions as wrong, yet still go through with them.


Thus, looking at these numbers, I can’t help but feel sick. Specially about that [1] in [Medium Evil Deeds]. That’s because, I can’t remember that choice. It was such an important thing, and I hate to think it did not merit remembering.


No, calm down, me! It’s just a dream!


That’s right, no need to get upset over it. Its not like I remember doing anything that could qualify as a [Greater Good Deeds] either, let alone a [Mayor Good Deed] you know?


So let’s keep looking at these forms with a calm mind and a relaxed spirit. Yes, that’s for the best.


The next page is titled REINCARNATION FORM.


…the title is pretty self explanatory, isn’t it?


I am a fairly well-read person, so let’s see… this form and a traffic accident would make this place into the Bureaucracy of Heaven, according to old chinese ideas of the afterlife.


After your death, you go through a process of reincarnation very much like this, where you need to go through many offices and will eventually be sent into a new life based in your last one’s merits.


Well, it’s a dream, so let’s have some fun… when I wake up I am certainly not going to have any while recovering and doing physical therapy, however long that will take, so let’s see…


[x] Reincarnation

[ ] Transmigration


What’s the difference, you ask? Reincarnation implies the same world, while transmigration is the fabled [New World], you know? So, let’s go with that. Thus, I promptly change that so it looks like this:


[ ] Reincarnation

[x] Transmigration


Oh, a new set of options popped up, further convincing me that this is, indeed, a dream. Let’s take a look.


[ ] Magic-based

[ ] Technology-based

[ ] Human-only world


Magic, give me [Magic] please and thank you very much! As for [Technology], if it doesn’t clash with [Magic], then yes please. I think purely fantasy stories are great, but healthcare is an issue, you know? Wait, if there’s [Magic] then there’s [Healing Magic] right? So, let’s go without the [Technology] bit.


New options come up, so it looks like this now:


[x] Magic

[ ] Magic Progress Level 1

[ ] Magic Progress Level 2

[ ] Magic Progress Level 3

[ ] Magic Progress Level 4


[ ] Human-only world


Let’s leave ‘humans only’ unchecked. Ah, actually I’d like a sexy dark elf to say she’ll be “completely loyal until this cut heals” you know? Something like that. A catgirl is fine too, though.


A for the Progress Level thing… I have no idea. If it was about technological levels, let me think. A sci fi author, I think it was Carl Sagan (but don’t quote me on that) once said that we were currently living in a Progress Level society (PL) of type 2. We are already industrialized and in some control of our environment, while a PL3 society would be in complete control of their own world and probably begin harnessing the full power of that world’s resources, as well as beginning to settle other worlds in their solar system.


By the way, a PL4 society would be exploring the stars. It’s such a dramatic difference from 3 to 4.


I think it would be fine with a PL2 type of world… PL1 would be your typical medieval fantasy world, right? That sounds really dangerous. I’d like to see a dragon once, but no interest whatsoever in having to fight it.


A modern society built with the help of magic, on the other hand, sounds really interesting. So now is looks like this:


[x] Magic

[ ] Magic Progress Level 1

[x] Magic Progress Level 2

[ ] Magic Progress Level 3

[ ] Magic Progress Level 4


[ ] Technologically Advanced


[ ] Human-only world


Hehehehe… having a cute elf as a high-school classmate would be nice, right? Or a beast-girl childhood friend. Definitively! A cute wolf, dog, racoon or cat girl would be great. Pointy ears and fluffy tails are a treasure of the universe.


[ ] Standard Personality Wipe

[ ] Special


thank you, but what’s the point of being reborn, in a fantasy world or otherwise, if I’m not able to fully appreciate its differences compared to my old world?


I fill [Special], and as expected, new stuff appears. In this case, empty lines. Obviously I’m meant to fill these. I was expecting more options but this is fine.


[ ] Standard Personality Wipe

[x] Special


Young male with excellent health and physically gifted. A wealthy family with high social standing. Memories of previous life come back on the morning of his 15th birthday.


Short and to the point. I thought about adding ‘attractive according to his society’s standards’ but that would already be too selfish, right? Besides as a certain author said “Health is beauty”. As long as you are considered ‘extremely healthy’, there’s no way you are also out of shape or deformed in any way, right?




A wealthy family with good social standing would be an excellent start point to explore the world from, and I have zero interest in having to experience my birth and childhood with the mind of an adult. Thank you very much, but I’ll pass. Getting the memories of my past life when I am already in my mid teens seems so much better compared to that.


And thus, I finished filling up the form, and handed it over to the clerk, who stamped it and added it to a pile.


As expected, that’s roughly when I woke up.


At my family’s state, in my own bed. It is the same room I’ve known all my life, but as a lifetime of  memories flood into it, my head feels about to pop.


The room that was so familiar last night is suddenly strange. I use [Light] to illuminate the room as I sit on the bed’s edge. My skin looks wrong… what’s wrong with purple skin? Its the color it’s always been. A nice and healthy light purple, but…


The memories of a different life, and mine nonetheless. There’s a gap of time between that life and this one, but as its memories fill me, I realize the [Dream] was real. I turn 15 today.


Strong, healthy, and gifted in many ways. I’m the [Demon Prince], son of the [Demon King].


Wait, what… I’m a bad guy!?


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