I’m The Bad Guy!? Chapter 1

What’s with this cheap… no, old game-like setting!?


The [Demon King] rules over the whole eastern region of the continent known as [Leilen].


Having suddenly appeared 300 years ago, the [Demon Lord] conquered the land and subjugated all of the people, becoming the [Demon King]. An oppressive peace dominates the continent, as the demons prefer to place their own in charge, but with their tribe’s small numbers, simply cannot continue expanding their kingdom anymore. That’s why each birth is celebrated by the demon race, and dreaded by every other race.


Ah, by the way, there are all sorts of humanoid races living in this kingdom, not just humans and demons. There’s arachne, dwarves, elves, harpies, kobolds, lamia, ogres, orcs and more… if you want to say something good about the [Demon’s Kingdom], it would be easy to say that under the rule of the [Demon King], everyone is equal. Equally oppressed, I guess. By the way, the demon race’s official name is [Majin]. We’re the very definition of a minority group, and even though the other races call us demons, we don’t come from hell or anything like that.


If you want to believe our traditional history, we’re a stable mix of dragon and humans… which may be why our fertility rate is so low, as is often the case with mongrels, and while the word doesn’t bother me at all, it would explain our low fertility rate. Many times, such creatures are completely infertile, so we’re already on the lucky side. Though that’s just my personal opinion based in the modern knowledge from my previous life.


What I’m trying to say is, we’re just another race, slightly stronger than those around us. We’re not inherently evil or anything like that, though our culture is quite brutal on those weaker than ourselves. Well, I’ve read that is the way things are with dragons, so if the child does wrong, it is truly the parents fault, so to speak.


Anyway, about the memories of my past life.


It’s quite amazing? I remember my previous life better than when I lived it.


How does that work, you ask? Well, if something just happened to you, you tend to remember it pretty well at the time, right? On the other hand, what were you doing 5 years ago, 10 years ago, or 20 years ago in August 25? You probably can’t remember it, right? On the other hand, the memories of my previous life just flooded into me all at once, so in a sense, it’s as if all that just happened to me right this moment.


I remember my previous life’s childhood, school, college and work life perfectly right now. No wonder it felt as if my head was bursting.


Anyway, as slowly as our numbers raise, they do raise, especially now that we control a safe and resourceful land. That means that we’re always getting ready to expand, so our neighbors are naturally hostile since they know it’s just a matter of time before we attack them.


Uhmm… if I remember it right, somehow a prophecy got started promising a hero that would come by and exterminate the demons. I’d like to retort that such a cliché development is unlikely, but in a world where magic is real, who knows?


It’s a pretty standard classical RPG-like story. To the point where if I meet any righteous young man with a cute flying pet or childhood friend, I’d go like ‘ah, so that’s the hero’ you know?


Anyway, let’s place that to the side for now.


Now that the memories of my previous life with its modern ethics and morals are a part of me, I can confidently declare that: I’m an ass.


As in, I’ve lived my life as a pretty typical bad guy. In fact, if father is the [Final Boss], I’d be the [Mid Boss].


I’ve abused my position and privileges to the max, and done pretty much whatever I wanted to anyone under me, which is practically anyone but father. Ah, I’ve been a surprisingly nice older brother to my little sister, though.


I guess I need to review myself… rather than being [Evil], I guess you could say I was [Normal] from the point of view of the culture I live in… nope, I’ve done stuff I clearly understood was wrong, so yeah, I’ve been a huge ass to almost everyone around me.


For example, it’s one thing to honestly believe that ‘a serf is property, therefore I can freely draft them into my service whenever I want’. That’s ethics. Rather than blaming the ass I was up to now, you could comfortably blame it on my environment and circumstances.


But it’s a very different thing when I decide to test a sword on a random serf, just to see how sharp it is.


Like I said, I’m clearly the typical [Mid Boss] bad guy. Sorry about that. Nothing I can do about it now, except reform myself overnight.


After all, if we compare the personality of a 15 years old brat against that of a fully grown man, there’s just no way the brat’s is going to come on top, right? Well, it’s not as if the human is supplanting the majin, it’s just that I gained a full lifetime of experience in a single moment, you know?


I’m not a former human in a majin’s body. I am a majin with unique insight and experiences. Existential crisis averted.


By the way, my name is [Asmund Accussa]. In my previous life, I was an architect, and a human. I am currently the [Demon Prince] and a classic RPG villain-type.




Alright then. Let’s go forth from this point on… so, what should I do?


Step 1 of course, I should stop being a bad guy.


That’s easy enough, right? Let’s think of it as done.


Step 2…


Step 2 is… uhmm… I want to learn everything there is to learn about magic. Obviously, it’s the thing that interests me the most.


Yeah, let’s go with that.


“Hnn… Master, why are you awake already? Are you feeling alright?” – A female voice calls out from behind me.


I swear I could feel my heart climb up my throat and try to escape through my mouth.


Right, I wasn’t alone! I mean, I’m not!


Behind me on the bed, a beautiful dark skinned elf with light blue hair is lying down under the sheets. This is Kalkah, my chambermaid. I saw her out in the streets during a countryside visit to an elven village about a year ago, and promptly kidna- I mean, inducted her into my service.


She’s petite, but not short. Actually, I think she’s on the taller side for an elf. Her feminine figure is tight or soft in all the right places, and her small round face leans more towards beautiful than cute. Yup, when you add the amazing contrast between her ink-dark skin against her bright clear hair and eyes, she has a truly exotic and alluring beauty. There was no way the old me wasn’t going to kidn- invite her to work for him.


“Is nothing, go back to sle-” – I almost told her to go back to sleep, but elves don’t sleep as such. They sort of just wait the night out, at the most – “Be quiet for a while.”


Uhm. I don’t want to show too big of a change all of a sudden… wait, should I worry about such things? I mean, it’s not as I had ceased being me. At most, I’m just wiser and older.


There’s a soft sound of girl-on-silk as my beautiful chambermaid shifts her pose and moves up behind me, starting to caress my arms and shoulders as she presses herself unto my back. I didn’t mention it specifically, but she’s quite gifted in that department.


Her breasts feel cool and soft as they get squished between us, and she starts to kiss at my neck and shoulders… wait, as an elf, she’s in her sixth decade or so, while I’m just fifteen, right? So doesn’t that means she’s into young boys?! Police, please! There’s a pervert over here…!


Ah… well, it’s not like I’m a typically clueless virgin MC anyway. I mean, I was married and had children in my previous life, and even in this one, I had already been with a few girls already, so…


No, wait, isn’t this a bad relationship? I definitively abused my position to drag her into my bed, didn’t I? So, shouldn’t I send her home now? But it is also true that she does her work properly as a real live-in maid, cleaning and taking care of my needs. No, I’m not talking about those kinds of needs, though those she does that too, of course…


I turn my head around and kiss her.


“Ah!” – she lets out a slightly surprised cry.

“I said be quiet.” – I smile as I begin to ‘punish’ her disobedience.


Yes, quite thoroughly and until morning.


I’m not the [Demon Prince], but I’m not a saint, either.



The following morning, I find that Kalkah is already up and ready, as usual, having cleaned herself up and dressed in her normal work clothes as she waits for me with breakfast on a small cart by the room’s entrance.


Her clothes fit her quite nicely. It’s no French maid suit, but real work clothes, yet that doesn’t prevent them from showing off her nice curves as it hugs her body and ends quite far up her thighs, showing off her long bare legs.


“Good morning.”

“Good morning, master.” – She replies politely


I get out of bed as usual, and cast [Clean] on myself. Ah, I am really happy that there really is such a spell in this world, though I wouldn’t be against having a proper bath, either.


Once she’s done helping me dress, I move to the small table to the east of the room as Kalkah begins placing breakfast on it for me. She could have done so beforehand, but I like to see her do it… I think the old me was a bit of a control freak. Or maybe I just liked the idea of forcing others to wait for me before they can continue with the rest of their lives.


Yeah, I was an ass. But she’s so graceful and nice to look at. I don’t think I’m going to change this bit of our morning routine any time soon.


“After you take the dishes back to the kitchen, let the guard captain I want to go to town and to prepare me an escort.”

“Yes master.”


Breakfast is… of course there’s nothing I can recognize from my previous life, but I think that’s fine. It would be just weird if there were oranges, ham and chicken eggs in another world, right? And so, breakfast is meat, grains and some pretty thick milk.


There’s no way this is cow milk, of course. I never wondered where it came from before. I guess it would be somewhat interesting to see what sort of animals they raise, but that’s not something the [Demon Prince] cared about in the past.


Once Kalkah cleans the table and leaves behind the food cart, I decide to look again at the books in my room.


For a [Progress level 2] society, this world feels pretty antiquated. Books are copied and assembled by hand, and book making is an important craft which can earn you a reasonably good living working at some noble’s court.


If you think about it, that means I have quite a few books, though I am sorry to say I only got most of them because I thought they would look on the shelf, or make me look good instead. An encyclopedia of flora and fauna, a couple of books on magic, and the rest are alchemy, math, and because it is thick and impressive-looking, shipbuilding.


Honestly, this new me thinks they are all worth a read, but the fantasy fan in me wants to start with the magic books, obviously. Ah, while at it, there are quite a few magic systems in this world. Arcane, Divine, Primal, and Spiritual.


You may remember that I mentioned ‘gifted’ in my reincarnation documents. Well, that turned out as me being able to use two systems rather than just one, like most everyone can. It’s not an all-powerful ability nor something you would call a cheat skill, but it’s still quite good, as I can use both Arcane and Primal magic.


Of course, you’d be interested in what each magic system does, right? Well, it’s as follows:


Arcane – Your typical fireball-slinging, but its most relevant use to modern society is the many ways in which it can be used to create magical items that anyone can use. Heat and water can be generated by pouring magic of any type into an arcane tool, and that makes it into the cornerstone of civilized society.


Divine – Since I can’t use it, all I can give you is my impressions of it. Its users say that they channel the will of the gods in order to perform miracles, but I am not quite convinced. They can however accelerate a body’s natural healing and allow it to fight diseases with ease, though, so it’s still a very important part of keeping settlements disease-free. As a former architect, I think a good sewer system, baths and clean water sources would do a much better job but… well, that’s prevention. Divine practitioners can treat those already sick, so I’ll have to give them that.


Primal – Despite what its name may have you believe, primal magic is surprisingly common in everyday life. Taming beasts and putting them to work, improving harvests, stimulating the growth of plants, replenishing the earth, predicting the weather and natural disasters… it is a rather big part of modern society’s security and comfort.


Spiritual – Honestly, I don’t think the name fits. You can move objects with the help of the spirits, see far away, understand the words of someone using a different language, or transmit ideas and messages across vast distances. If it was my previous world, wouldn’t it be called telepathy? Besides, the existence of the spirits that are meant to assist the spiritualist is quite unclear. You can’t normally see them nor interact with them, and it has been decided that they exist solely because inexplicable phenomena tend to happen around young spiritualists… yeah you could easily attribute such things to a kid having nearly zero control over his subconscious mind, right? The fact that these inexplicable phenomena tend to calm down as the spiritualist matures only supports that theory, too.


Anyway, by combining Spiritual and Arcane magic, I can shoot fireballs around corners, or up a wall, then in through a window against a specific target, but that’s about it for now. I will of course try and find more ways to combine them in useful ways from now on, though.


I am so engrossed in my own thoughts as I read one of the magic books (it’s about mental exercises to increase one’s control over energy via arcane magic, btw), that I didn’t even notice my escorts for the day had already arrived and were waiting outside the door until Kalkah cleared her throat somewhat loudly.


“Oh, yes?”

“Your escort is here, master.” – she replies

“Good, thank you.”


I get up and replace the book on the shelf before tightening my clothes and heading towards the door.


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