Chapter 1: Birth

I woke up with a big yawn it feels like I have been asleep forever… I slowly rub the sleep from my eyes as I sit up. I slowly open my eyes and wake up enough to realize a few key points. I am sitting here on large stone block and I am completely naked… I quickly look around for something to cover myself and that’s when I hear a voice.

Voice: “Awe I see you have finally awoken. Not a bad looking pup if I do say so myself.”

There is a person leaning against the wall of this small square stone room. This person easily towers over me in height but has to be just as big around as it is tall. It has the ears and tail of a wolf, and an unpleasant looking face. As it steps forward it tosses a large strip of cloth at me.

Wolf-Person: “Here cover yourself with this for now.”

I wrap the cloth around my waist. I now take the time to take a better look around. Besides the stone bench I woke on, the only other thing in this room is the large wolf like person.

“Who are you? Wait… Who am I?”

The person puffs out its large chest.

Wolf-Person: “I am your teacher. I am here to make sure you don’t die right away, and you can call me Madam Erin.”

Madam Erin? This hulking creature is a woman? At the moment however something else she said is more distressing.

“Make sure I don’t die? What do you mean?”

Madam Erin scratches her large chin seeming to be confused.

Madam Erin: “It should come to you in time. Now, how about we give you a name? Let’s see, how about Fred.”


Madam Erin: “Don’t like Fred? How about Tom? Larry? Ah it doesn’t matter you can choose your own name. As for where we are that’s simple you’re in my dungeon. You were sent here for me to train you to become part of the next group of dungeon cores. Being just born and all I am sure you have lots to learn but let’s start with the basics. Now in one months’ time you will be given your dungeon crystal. It’s like the life force of your dungeon if it dies, you die. You can build your dungeon any way you want, but everything takes experience points or xp for short. Now to open your dungeon information you just think or say [Menu] and you should be able to see. Go ahead and try it out.”

As I say [Menu] I see a blank semi-translucent screen floating in front of me. At the top it says name and has —— in place of a name. Directly below that it says dungeon, and in that space it says Undeveloped.

Madam Erin: “Now, whatever you want to build in your dungeon you just think of it and it will bring up a list of options based on your knowledge and skills.  You want to fill your dungeon with monsters and traps to keep humans and other dungeon cores from coming in and destroying your crystal.

Maybe it is because it says my dungeon is undeveloped, but when I think of monsters the screen in front of me has no changes. Madam Erin continues to talk so I just leave it alone for now.

Madam Erin:  “Everything you summon from [Menu] costs you xp, but you always want to save an amount of xp on hand because it is slowly consumed by your crystal which is what keeps you alive. If you summon a bunch of monsters and run out of xp before you can obtain more it is possible to starve.”


Madam Erin: “You can break down anything summoned from [Menu] back to xp but you will only get a fraction of what was cost. You also cannot brake down rooms if any intruders are on that floor or any floor between the intruders and the exit.”

She then motions to sturdy wooden door that is made with brass fittings. After I head out the door there is a long exquisite stone hallway. On one side of the hallway there are windows every 20 or so feet with stained glass windows, and in between them there are large detailed decretive tapestries hanging from the walls. After stepping into the hallway Madam Erin follows and continues to talk.

Madam Erin: “For example if you have a cave and have a group of humans on the third level you can’t make changes to that floor or the first and second floors but can change any room from the forth on. Same goes if you build a tower dungeon like this one if something is on the third floor you can’t change anything on or below it.”

She motions for me to turn at an intersection leading me down a set of stairs that leads to another hallway similar to the last.  Madam Erin then continues to talk.

Madam Erin: “Now the rate your crystal consumes xp is based off of the size and contents of your dungeon, so you need to make sure you get a steady supply of xp before building too much. The more you build the more your crystal will consume, and the more your crystal consumes the higher your dungeon core level will become.”

After motioning me down another corridor she continues talking yet again.

Madam Erin: “As for gaining xp, humans or other intruders into your dungeon that are killed within will net you xp, or any human or creature you kill yourself will net you xp regardless of where you kill them. Humans and other intruders also give a small supply of xp based off their level just by being inside your dungeon, so it is a common practice to trap intruders inside your dungeon rather than always killing them off right away.”

After heading down one more flight of stairs and leading me down another hallway with doors on one side we stop in front of a wooden door and she says.

Madam Erin: “Now we will go over a few things on your [Menu]. Let’s start with your status by saying [Status] with your menu should bring up more information. Try it now.”

I say [Status] and the screen expands in my view to show an image of me standing there wrapped in the cloth and other information.


Name:  ——                    Dungeon: Undeveloped                              Crystal:

Level: 1                                  XP till next Level  10                                    XP: 0

HP: 25/25

Str: 25

Agility: 25

Endurance: 25

Resistances: None

Armor: None

Equipment: [Old Towel]

Skills: None


Madam Erin: “Under your [Status] it should show you information about yourself and your dungeon, sense your dungeon is still undeveloped there is probably not a lot to look at. Next let’s look at monsters. With your [Menu] open say [Monsters] this should bring up the menu of available monsters to you. This list will greatly change by the type of dungeon you have and the elements that govern it. Right now without a dungeon your list will probably be pretty limited.”

After saying [Monsters] another semi-translucent screen appears, and the [Status] window disappears leaving me with a screen with only a few options


Sickly Slime                             Cost: 1xp

Slime                                         Cost: 5xp

Husky Slime                         Cost: 10xp

Ill Goblin                                  Cost: 5xp

Goblin                                   Cost: 15xp

Goblin Brute                        Cost: 25xp

Madam Erin: “Once you develop your dungeon the list will grow quickly, once everything starts getting cluttered you can just think of a type of monster when you open [Monsters] and it should only show monsters in that type. The same goes for rooms, traps, and treasure items. Speaking of treasures you want to put treasure items in your dungeon to attract intruders so you can gain their xp. Let’s end for now and pick up here later.”

Madam Erin opens the door that we stopped in front of. Inside is a simple bedroom with a rug made from some type of animal hide, a small wooden desk and chair in one corner, a bed in another, along the wall there is a small cabinet, and a window.

Madam Erin: “Rest here for now and I will send someone to collect you later.”

After thanking Madam Erin I walk into the room and she closes the door and can hear her large footsteps walking away. I make my way around the room checking everything out. The bed is small, hard, and has a few animal pelts on it for blankets. The cabinet and desk are all completely empty.

I move over to the window to peer out. I am not quite sure how high we are, but the ground is obscured by the clouds, and try as I might I can’t see the ground anywhere. The entire thought of it makes me dizy so I finally move over to the bed and sit down.

From the edge of the bed and call for [Menu] I spend time looking through the different menus and finally find some basic clothing but it cost 1 xp. When I select it from the menu it says I have to develop my dungeon before I can use the menu.

After a few hours of browsing the various screens in [Menu], getting bored, walking the floor, and browsing the [Menu] again the door to the room is slowly creaks open. A beautiful woman with eyes like emeralds, long chestnut hair, and wearing simple clothing walks into the room.

I would say she is about my age, but exactly how old is that? I don’t remember anything before waking up, Madam Erin said I was just born, and at the moment I can’t refute that, but somehow I just feel that my appearance is that of someone of the age of around 20 years old. I don’t know how I came to that conclusion, but for some reason I just know.

The woman lightly bows. “I am Thirty-seven, Madam Erin asked me to take care of you.”  Thirty-seven makes a few hand gestures a simple set of clothing seems to appear out of thin air and she hands it to me. “After you are dressed I will take you to Madam Erin.”  She then just stands there, and just stares at me.

I don’t know why but the thought of this young woman seeing me without the towel makes me feel uncomfortable, so I say. “Uhm……I will get dressed now.”

Thirty-seven says. “Very well.” But she makes no movements, and doesn’t stop staring.

I finally just turn my back to her putting the clothes on, and when I turn around she still hasn’t budged an inch. I am left holding the old towel, and I am unsure what to do with it so I hand it to the girl simply saying. “Here.”

After handing her the towel she folds it, brings it up to her chest, and turns walking out the door.  She stops right outside the door to say. “Follow me.” She then begins to walk off.

Following Thirty-seven along more staircases and hallways we reach what seems to be a central corridor with a massive set of double doors embellished with golden decorations and brass fixtures.

Passing through the door we enter into a massive throne room with Madam Erin sitting in the throne. I follow thirty seven all the way up to the throne where she then bows to Madam Erin, myself, and then walks back into the hallway.

Madam Erin: “I see you are settling in just fine pup. Now first I will show you what the dungeon core’s crystal looks like.” -She stands motioning me to follow her through a small set of doors behind the throne.-

Inside the room is completely empty with the exception of a large glowing amber rock roughly the same height as me and twice as wide.

Madam Erin: “Now, this is my dungeon core crystal. It has taken me a very long time to get it to this size so your crystal will start off only a fraction of its size.” -She lightly brushes the crystal with her hand before leading me back into the throne room where she sits back in the throne.-

Madam Erin: “Now, most of the basics should come to you on their own, but I will tell you of some of the dangers of being a dungeon core. As a dungeon core you cannot live without slowly feeding your crystal xp however you can’t gain xp without either luring intruders into your dungeon and killing them with your dungeon, or leaving your crystal behind and searching out things to hunt to gain xp.”

Madam Erin leans back in her throne crossing her legs as she continues to talk.

Madam Erin: “Most creatures that wonder into dungeons are looking for a safe place to hide or live. For beginning dungeons it can even be beneficial to have a few small creatures supply you with xp until you can get off the ground. However you still have to make sure they can’t damage your crystal.”

I don’t see anything in front of her, but by the hand gestures she is making in the air I can only assume that she is messing with [Menu]. After a few more seconds she sees something that apparently pleases her as an odd smile curls on her face while she continues to talk.

Madam Erin: “Humans on the other hand are the best ways to acquire XP however the most dangerous as well. Tomorrow we will begin your training, I will give you a few small rooms and some XP to let you get the feel of it, and for the rest of the month your job will to be to protect a training crystal inside.”

After another few short hand gestures her attention then returns to me as she says.

Madam Erin: “I will give you one day to set up your little dungeon and then I will begin to send monsters in first thing every morning. At any given point if you make it at least seven days without losing the training crystal I will give you a reward. Also remember even though the crystal is just a training crystal if you end up trying to protect the crystal yourself. You do run the risk of actually dying so you best think carefully. ”

As soon as Madam Erin finishes talking the beautiful Thirty-seven walks back into the throne room still clutching the towel to her chest, walking up to Madam Erin she bows, and then motions for me to follow her.

On the way back I try to make small talk with Thirty-seven but she just silently leads me back to the bedroom. After reaching my room and opening the door Thirty-seven turns to me and says. “I will come get you in the morning when it is time.” Then she bows, and then walks off. Standing in the hallway I watch Thirty-seven for a minute as she walks away she then enters the room three doors down from mine before I decide to enter my own room and close the door.

Sitting on the bed I try to think of the events that have transpired today and even though it seems natural, a few events just don’t seem like they belong. Like I can’t remember anything before today, and Madam Erin said I didn’t even have a name and none of that seemed to bother me.

However Madam Erin’s appearance just didn’t sit well with me. I sit on the bed and open [Menu] and look at the word name. “Madam Erin said I could pick my own name, but… How does one even choose a name? The names that Madam Erin suggested just seemed wrong, but I don’t know what a good name would even sound like. Putting that on hold for now I decide to lie down and sleep.

When I wake up the next morning Thirty-seven is standing next to my bed still clutching the towel to her chest just staring at me.

“Oh…When did you get here? Is it time?”

Thirty-seven: “I waited three hours and twenty two minutes for you to wake. Now we are late. Follow.” -Without another word she steps into the hallway.-

Surely she was not just standing next to my bed staring at me for over three hours…I decide to hurry and follow after her into the hallway. Without another word she leads me through hallway, after hallway, down staircase, after staircase, until we reach a heavy iron double door. Thirty-seven easily pushes the massive door open and steps inside.

Inside the room there are three archways just sitting in the middle of the room. Thirty-seven moves over to the archway on the right. Instead of seeing the other side on the room past the archway I see nothing.

Thirty-seven steps through the archway disappearing into the emptiness. I hurry to follow her and as I pass the threshold of the archway I feel a pull in my chest like someone pulling me gently from the inside my chest. It only lasts a brief second then I find myself standing in a small square stone room with no windows or doors only with a single torch lighting the dark room. When I turn around I see the archway we just walked though disappear leaving us completely closed off.

Thirty-seven: “I will now give you your XP to use for your training. Madam Erin told me to watch over your training.”

With a few hand gestures a dull grey rock the size of a watermelon is formed on the floor, and without another word Thirty-seven moves to the corner of the room still clutching the towel to her chest.

I open [Menu] and then open [Status]


Name:   ——         Dungeon: Undeveloped                              Crystal:   Basic Training Crystal

Level: 1                                  XP till next Level  10                                    XP: 2000

HP: 25/25

Strength: 25

Agility: 25

Endurance: 25

Resistances: None

Armor: None

Equipment: [Old Cheap Clothes]

Skills: None


Another screen has appeared next to my status screen that says.

Crystal formed but no dungeon set, touch crystal to begin creation of dungeon

I walk over and pick up the watermelon sized rock and [Menu] changes screens

Dungeon crystal is ready to begin development. Would you like to begin now?

I say yes and the screen changes again showing a map with blue dot in the middle, right next to it a diamond shape, and in the corner another blue dot. Two more squares are shown in the map behind me.

Dungeon requires an entrance to become active.

I select the wall directly in front of me and a large rusted iron double door is formed in the wall.

Crystal will be placed in room/floor farthest away from entrance, would you like to proceed?

After saying yes the crystal disappears and the diamond icon on the map now shows in the room furthest behind me.

No access to crystal room, dungeon cannot be activated until a path is set.

I open [Rooms]


New Room                                Cost: 1000XP

Change Room Size                  Cost: 500XP

Weak Wooden Door             Cost:   10xp

Weak Wooden Wall              Cost: 20xp

Weak Wooden Floor             Cost: 20xp

Weak Wooden Roof              Cost: 25xp

*Basic training crystal grants limits to construction items


For now I connect the two remaining rooms with weak wooden doors.


Weak Wooden Door: A standard Door that has no lock


Crystal room now connected to entrance dungeon can now be activated current XP consumption 1xp/7 days.

Would you like to activate dungeon now?

Forced activation will take place in 18 hours 48 minutes.

Madam Erin said I had a day to prepare before she will send monster to attack but I think I will still add defenses before activating the dungeon. I only have the 2000xp for the entire month no matter how many times the training crystal is destroyed so I don’t want to spend too much right from the start so I decided to look through [Traps] and it is divided into two sections.



Ordinary Pit Trap                               Cost: 25XP

Weak Spike Trap                                 Cost: 25XP

Defective Dart Trap                           Cost: 25XP

[ Misc]


Faulty Trip Wire                                 Cost: 10XP

Faulty Tile Switch                               Cost: 20XP



I place one of each kind of trap in the first room so I can test them out.

Ordinary Pit Trap:  A simple hole in the ground that is easily avoided unless hidden well, causes little to no damage to those who fall into it, but might slow them down. An ordinary pit trap can be seen without trap detecting skills.

Weak Spike Trap: Can be places on any wall, ceiling, or floor. Causes minor damage and may break after activation. Weak spike trap can easily be seen without trap detecting skills. *Requires activator.

Defective Dart Trap: Standard non-poison darts cannot penetrate any armor and only cause minor damage. Defective dart trap is only good for one use before becoming unusable, and can easily be seen without trap detecting skills. *Requires activator.

Faulty Trip Wire:  An obvious wire easily seen without trap detecting abilities.  Faulty trip wire has a chance of breakage after use, and not setting off trap. *Can be set off by any type of creature including dungeon monsters.

Faulty Tile Switch: An obvious tile that can be seen without trap detecting abilities. Faulty tile switch can be set on floor, ceiling, or walls. Normally only activated by intruders. *Due to faulty nature small chance of dungeon allies activating switch when touched.


I place the pit trap right inside the entrance of the dungeon, then place the spike trap after that activated with the trip wire, and the dart trap right before you get to the door activated by the tile switch. Adding nothing else to the first room I move on to the next and decide to fill it with monsters. After adding five sickly slimes, five slimes, and five husky slimes a screen appears.

New Monster Available

Blue Slime                             Cost: 50XP


I decide to place two of them as well before moving on to the crystal room. I decide to fill this room with goblins, and add five of each type of goblin available. I then head back to the dungeon entrance and Thirty-seven is still standing in the corner holding the towel to her chest. I would think she was a statue standing there if it were not for her blinking every once in a while.

“Well I guess that will do for now. Activate dungeon.”

The [Menu] displays a message that activating dungeon will consume 1xp/7 days and asks me if I want to procced. After saying yes there is a message on one of the screen congratulating me. I then close [Menu] and ask Thirty-seven.

“So is that it? Do we wait here or do we go back until tomorrow?”

Thirty-seven then steps out of the corner, steps over the trip wire, hops over the pit trap, and exits out of the door of the dungeon.

I follow her out the door, and we are standing in one of Madam Erin’s dungeon hallways. She then opens the door directly to her right then enters the room three doors down. I look inside and find what appears to be the same room I slept in before. I look back at the dungeon entrance and the large rusty iron door is now separating what was a long hallway earlier. I pull the iron doors shut then head into the bedroom sitting on the edge of the hard bed.

Well now what do I do? It is not even midday so what do I do with the rest of my time? I open [Menu] and it displays the map of the dungeon I sit on the edge of the bed watching the little blue dots in the second and third room just wonder around the room aimlessly. Maybe I should have given them something to do…Oh well they probably won’t last through tomorrow anyway. I keep the map displayed while looking through the rest of the menus. I find a section that shows as [Dungeon Core]

[Dungeon Core] items can only be placed within a dungeon core room.

I decide to check it out so I exit my bedroom and head back to the dungeon. Entering the dungeon again the message pops up asking if I want to set a dungeon core room.

Basic training crystal allows the setup of a basic dungeon core room for free would you like to set it up and enter it now?

After agreeing I feel a tug on my chest and am now standing in room everything is completely black except the floor. The floor is made of simple stone and extends out about ten feet in all directions. As I go to take a step the black lights up and displays [Menu] over the entire room there are screens that display the goblins sitting around in the third room and one showing the crystal with great detail. There is more that show the different slimes moving around the second room, and more showing the empty trap room with one screen fixed on the entrance to the dungeon. One screen directly in front of me displays a message

The dungeon core room is used to keep track of everything going on in the dungeon you can view any room from any angle on the screens. Items from the [Dungeon Core] can be summoned within but cannot be removed. You can enter this room from anywhere in the dungeon and leave this room to access any room of the dungeon. Any non-intruder can be brought into the core room as long as it is not engaged with intruders. Due to the nature of the Basic Training Crystal, the dungeon core room and several items within [Dungeon Core] are free to purchase. Any other crystal the standard XP charge applies. Due to the nature of the items being bound to the dungeon core room items might cost less than an identical item purchased from another [Menu].

The screen displaying [Dungeon Core] shows a great number of items including books, furniture, and items. The list with 0xp cost includes a desk, chair, and a small cot. I go ahead and summon them setting them up in the room. Afterwards the screen displaying the dungeon entrance shows Thirty-seven entering the dungeon still carrying the towel.

Thirty-seven: “Madam Erin has called for you.”

It said I can exit from this room to anywhere in the dungeon but how exactly do I do that? As I think that I feel the pull on my chest again and show up in the dungeon’s first room a few feet away from Thirty-seven. She then turns exiting back out the dungeon and leads me back to the throne room where Madam Erin sits. Thirty-seven bows to Madam Erin and myself before walking out of the room.

Madam Erin: “I see you have prepared your dungeon already, and even made a dungeon core room already. I would be quite impressed if it were not for the defenses you have left in your dungeon. Are you sure you are taking this serious?”

“I believe I am, I have to preserve the XP that I started with for the entire month so if I use it all now I have no hope of making it the entire month. However if I start out with minimal defenses and see just what I need then I believe I will even meet your goal of preserving the crystal for an entire week.”

Madam Erin: “Ha, not bad pup. I don’t expect it to be as easy as all that. I am not just going to be throwing the same monsters at you every day. For every day you go without your crystal being broken I will increase the difficulty. Well we will find out tomorrow what you are made of.”

“You know I have realized that I have been here for two days and still have not eaten anything. Do dungeon cores even need to eat?”

Madam Erin gives me a weird look. “Of course not your core takes care of all that. However if you are trying to blend in with humans gathering information and such, it is possible to consume human food. You will however have to expel it the same way they do, and rather disgusting process.”

“I also wondered about keeping clean.”

Madam Erin: “These are common sense questions pup you should know all of this. Just use your magic, although I have been known to enjoy a soak in a hot bath from time to time. I guess not everything the humans have come up with is entirely barbaric.”

“Magic? We can use magic?”

Madam Erin sighs. “Of course we can use magic pup what do you think a dungeon core is? Even humans can use basic magic. You can learn more magic from the [Menu], learn them in training, or in very rare cases from magical tomes.”

“I know you said humans are dangerous, but why would they go after the crystal if they are getting xp from the monsters and the treasures we leave for them?”

Madam Erin: “If a human takes out a crystal it grants them massive amount of xp and unique skills. Well that is all we have time for today I look forward to crushing your crystal in the morning so get some rest.”

Thirty seven entered the room and escorted me back to my bedroom. After entering my bedroom I open [Menu] and a find a new window labeled [Magic] that wasn’t there before. If it is common knowledge I wonder why it didn’t show up in my menu before I learned of it.

Clean                                          Cost: 50xp

Heat                                            Cost: 50xp

Cool                                           Cost: 50xp

Soil                                              Cost: 50xp

Light                                           Cost: 50xp

Shadow                                     Cost: 50xp

I go ahead and buy all 6 spells available. I don’t know if I will be able to keep them sense it’s not my xp I am using but I guess I will find out. After learning the spells I get a message.

You have learned your first spell. Spell power and MP have been added to [Status], and learning a spell from each class has granted the skill [Uniquely Gifted]


Name:    ——                  Dungeon: Training hall                           Crystal:   Basic Training Crystal

Level: 1                                  XP till next Level: 9                                    XP: 1169

HP: 25/25                               MP: 75/75

Strength: 25

Agility: 25

Endurance: 25

Spell Power: 50

Resistances: None

Armor: None

Equipment: [Old Cheap Clothes]


[Uniquely Gifted]  (Rank 1): Most creatures favor one element above all others, and are unable to cast spells from the opposing element. You however do not, thus granting you a 25 bonus to spell power and 50 additional MP.


Clean (Water) (Cost 1mp): Magic with the power of water allowing you clean items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Heat (Fire) (Cost 1mp): Magic with the power of fire allowing you can heat items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Cool (Wind) (Cost 1mp): Magic with the power of wind allowing you can cool items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Soil (Earth) (Cost 1mp): Magic with the power of earth allowing you can soil items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Light (Light) (Cost 1mp): Magic with the power of light allowing you can light items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Shadow (Dark) (Cost 1mp): Magic with the power of darkness allowing you can cast shadows on items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.


After learning the spells I try everything I can think of and still cannot figure out how to cast a spell so I decide to ask Thirty-seven. I leave my room and head to her door, and as I go to knock she opens the door still clutching the towel to her chest.

“Oh excuse me…Are you busy? I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.”

Standing in the doorway she simply replies with. “Speak.”

“Oh, I am sorry to interrupt you I just don’t know how to cast magic, so I was wondering if you could teach me. I learned a few spells off of [Menu] however I still can’t figure out how to cast them.”

Thirty-seven: “It differs by spell, but most basic spells just by thinking of what you want the spell to do, and summoning your magic will cast the spell.” -She says then disappears back into her room closing the door.-

“Ah…” I go to knock on the door again and before my hand reaches it the door opens back up.

Thirty-seven: “Is there something else?”

“Well you see…Madam Erin said casting magic like it was common knowledge however it just made no sense to me. I have tried but I don’t understand what you mean by summoning your magic. How do you summon your magic?”

Thirty-seven: “You use it just like you did when you walked through the door when we teleported to your dungeon the first time, or when you teleported to me inside your dungeon.” -She steps back again but this time waits not shutting the door.-

“Do you mean the pulling in my chest is that was summoning you magic feels like?”

Thirty-seven: “Exactly.” – She simply says before shutting the door again leaving me standing by myself in the hallway.-

I spend the next hour trying to use magic again in my room to no avail then I get the idea to head to the dungeon. I enter the dungeon and think about entering the dungeon core room feeling the pull on my chest, and I am now standing in the dungeon core room.

I do the same thing to return to the entrance of the dungeon trying to remember the feeling of the pull. After several trips back and forth and using a simulated hand gesture I cast my first [Cool] spell.

A light breeze crosses my face and after a few more attempts I am able to cast the spell without the hand movement. I head back to my bedroom while practicing my magic spells. First sending a cool breeze across my face, and then warming my hands. I light the door knob up as I enter my bedroom then cast a shadow in the corner.

Casting [Soil] on the desk covers it in dust and then use [Clean] to clean it back off. Finally I sit on the bed and cast [Clean] on myself and it takes a few seconds till I feel clean and refreshed. I lie back in the bed casting [Light] and [Shadow] on a stone in the ceiling over the bed a couple of dozen times before drifting off to sleep.



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