Chapter 92 Notes

Due to some requests I decided to go back and hit on another Inari chapter. I don’t know how many will come in the future, but I will try to mix one in maybe once every two weeks or so. I wanted to cover more ground with this chapter then I did, but things seemed to continue on and on. This chapter in itself is almost two normal chapters. Maybe next time I can scoot things along a bit more.

I wanted to use the Oni from the very beginning, but like I mentioned when I did the other Inari chapters I wanted to avoid quite a bit of the Japanese mannerisms or words. As I didn’t want to just throw random Japanese words in instead of English just because.

When I got to Saki talking about Takeshi and Yuji though it just didn’t feel right if I didn’t as I originally had her call Takeshi, Sir Takeshi, and Yuji just Yuji, but it just didn’t look right. After I added the Takeshi-sama, and Yuji-san, it just seemed to look better.

But when Tatsuo for example introduces himself with his first then last name I find it hard justifying using Japanese mannerisms one minute then throwing them away the next. I will leave it up to you all to let me know what you think. Should I keep it like it is, or should I try to Americanize it more, or should I flip the other way and use more Japanese mannerisms?

I have a quite a few ideas for Inari chapters so I shouldn’t run out of content for them any time soon. For now I will just leave them mixed in with the normal story but maybe eventually make them a side story. I also have quite a bit planed for the normal story too, so I am going to leave you with that and get back to work.

As always thanks for reading



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