Chapter 91 Notes

What was originally was supposed to be just Kline showing up just before they left the capital and changing him mind deciding to go with them turned into this chapter. Needless to say it was quite a bit longer than I anticipated.

I do however like the way it turned out. The next chapter concerning Two-Twelve is probably going to cover some events that happen a few weeks later and include a short birthday party for the entire household. After that will be the start of the wedding details for Belinda and Two-Twelve.

I have tried to avoid mentioning much about Inari, due to not knowing if I am going to continue her story or not, but with some requests for it I decided to make some more, so I am going to work on one or two more chapters for Inari before continuing with Two-Twelves story.

At the moment I am going to continue to place them in the story, but eventually I might separate them into a side story, but until I make up how far I am going to take Inari’s story I will just leave it like that.

As always thanks for reading.



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