Chapter 83 Notes

It was kind of hard to get back started on Two-Twelves story as I was having quite a bit of fun on Inari’s two chapters. I am thinking harder and harder about making some side story for her if I get the chance some time.

Once I got going though, the chapter started to flow pretty well. I have been trying to find a way to bring in a dwarf for a while now, and when I came up with the idea with the bet from Madam Erin, I figured it would be a perfect way as she is the strongest earth element dungeon core I figured she would surely be able to summon a dwarf.

I plan on eventually bringing in an elf as well, but I am a little worried the story is so harem like as it is. Even though there are a few jokes tossed here and there every now and again, Belinda is the only one romantically interested in Two-Twelve, but I’m still a little worried…

Katie’s outfit if the description was a little confusing would be like a pair of coveralls and shirt, kind of stereotypical mechanic’s outfit like. I am hoping to start Katie off as the stereotypical dwarf, but hopeing she starts to build into something more, but we will have to see.

Belinda and Two-Twelves conversation about woman went on for quite a while longer but I felt it was redundant and kind of anyoing so I ended up trimming it back quite a bit.

I want it to say Katie appears just like a short stout woman, nothing majorly dwarf like. I am going to give her a hard time about her appearance but I tried to make it clear with Madam Erin’s comment that she is actually good looking.

Her only downfall is she is a clear 5 where every other girl in the house are 9s and 10s. That was also why I gave her that weird skill, I wanted to sort of poke fun at it while it still gave awesome bonuses.

If you haven’t noticed by now skills in my novel are very tailored, where even two people with the same skill might be just a bit different. Like Two-Twelves Uniquely Gifted, compared to the Belinda and Roxy’s Gifted.

I would say some skills would almost be like titles, where in doing something grants it which gives small bonuses or whatever.

As always thanks for reading.



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