Chapter 81 Notes

I wanted to take a little break so I thought writing a chapter of Inari’s first days as an official dungeon core would be fun little side story. I proved to be quite fun and I am thinking of maybe making a few more chapters of it in the future, but we will have to see.

I said in the past I tried to keep the Japanese references to a minimum as I am a uncultured swine of a  American so I was afraid I would screw something up. When I made Inari however I just couldn’t help myself anymore. I have spent quite a bit more research on this chapter then I do for most trying to not screw it up, but we will have to see.

I was sure I wanted to use Oni when the old men were talking, but I was seriously debating just using ghost instead of yurei, and I flip flopped back and forth a few times before I decided to leave it.

For Yuji I spent way too much time working on his name and couldn’t find one I liked, Yuji is second son or heroic second son so I decided to go with it to kind of symbolize he would always be #2 to Inari even though he is her actual boss monster.

The wooden wall actually was a last minute idea, and ended up making me have to rethink how to progress into the town, but it makes sense for the way I want Shima to be.


As always thanks for reading.



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