Chapter 80 Notes

I wanted the bond between Belinda and Inari still be there even though Belinda now realizes that Inari might not actually mean it. I got a feeling though Two-Twelve is now going to take the parting a bit worse than Belinda is as even he began to get used to the idea of having a daughter.

I don’t think it came out to well but I wanted to show Two-Twelve’s interactions with the townsfolk in front of Madam Erin to kind of to her the sense of what it might be like for Two-Twelve on a normal day.

I have started to get in the habit of writing down any names and dungeon core numbers I run across that way even if they aren’t used later I don’t try to repeat them, but you never know a minor character now might end up making a comeback at some time. As I am not really sure just how long I am going to continue this story.

Of course the looks and personalities of the new dungeon cores are shaped by the trainer, I figured as Simon at least at one point was what Lucille desired as she even bedded him during his training, I thought it would be kind of a nod back to the fallen giving one of the cores a similar appearance. Of course same goes for Madam Erin’s core that resembles Thirty-seven, but I am sure her reasoning is more of the fact she probably feels deep down that she failed Thirty-seven and wants another chance.

I kind of wanted to hide what killed the other cores during the trial to build tension, but I decided to reveal it so not to change the rules mid game as it were.

I don’t know how Two-Twelve and Inari came to be at odds with Sierra and Mira… That wasn’t how I planned to write it but during the process it just sort of happened.

And yes the look on Dyson’s face after the first fight in the hallway I hope came across as a nod to Neo Genesis Evangelion as he was making a Gendo pose. If you don’t know what that is then shame on you! Lol

I seriously debated of cranking up the difficulty of the elder’s trial for Inari, but I think the point was supposed to be that she walked though it like it was nothing. I even considered having the elder’s get mad or just curious sending in some much tougher monsters just to see how she handled it.

In the end though I decided to leave it the way I originally planed it.

As always thanks for reading



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