Chapter 79 Notes

I went into this chapter without a clue on how things were going to work out with Inari and Takeshi. I just let the story go on its own to see how it worked out.

I wanted to put a bit more details into Inari’s training but I felt it was starting to end up like Inari kills x monsters Inari gains a level, over and over. I also planned her leveling to take most of the month with her only spending a few days in her own training dungeon (just long enough for Two-Twelve to learn all the new monsters :P) but her leveling up went faster than even I expected.

Honestly I tried to put an emphasis on the fact that he eased up on her training just so it looked feasible that it took 2 weeks to get her that far… It is made apparent later however that leveling is greatly slowed down after reaching level 10 or so.

That is about all I got for this one so.

As always thanks for reading.



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