Chapter 78 Notes

Inari is a complicated character… No matter what ideas I have for her during the writing process her unusal quarks just kind of leak out… Like the comment to Lilah during the birthday party I had no idea where it came from.

After that she kind of turned into a bit of a mystery. So far that hasn’t changed. There are quite a few parts of this chapter that while I was typing away I was going “what the hell is going on here that’s not the plan” but I have learned to at least give it another chapter to see how it works because if you force it to much you end up erasing two chapters…

Like I said though Inari is quite a mystery and I don’t know much about what she is thinking until I get there. I don’t know if she has anything planed for Lilah, but so far it seems she puts quite a lot into people that tick her off.

I got a feeling though she is going to regret the fight with Takeshi because it seemed to be a plan to get a replacement for him, but when Two-Twelve didn’t bite she seemed rather worried about it.

I also think it is worth saying that even though it hasn’t been mentioned Inari and Takeshi must not be treated as intruders in the dungeon, kind of like when Thirty-seven was in the dungeon. As the monsters are capable of being summoned in the same room as them and Two-Twelve isn’t recieving any xp from them being in the dungeon.

As always thanks for reading.



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