Chapter 76 Notes

After just doing Lilah’s birthday, then Zoey and Scylla’s birthday things just seemed like jumping forward in time from one party to the next, so I was wanting to focus more on the new core then I was on Two-Twelve’s birthday, but I ended up not even making it that far in the chapter.

I have often said once I start writing it seems like the story just begins to write is self, with myself becoming a reader as much as you guys. That being said I am not sure how long the birthday party will run for the next chapter but at the moment there aren’t plans for it to be just a small part of the chapter and then returning to Inari’s training.

I love watching anime and such, but I don’t feel I know the Japanese culture enough to warrant using them in my novel as much as I have been fighting it for the last 75 chapters. Several times I have had to force myself away from using Japanese mannerisms that you see in anime, in the way people speak… But when I got to Inari though something seemed to just click, and she seemed like she needed to be a kitsune.

I hoping if I screw up something from the Japanese culture I can say since it is not actually Japan but a Japan like island in a fantasy setting without people getting bent out of shape as an excuse…

If you feel like Two-Twelve is being a bit of an ass-hole to Inari don’t feel bad because I kind of felt that way as well. That was the reason I added Sofia’s comment about it into the chapter as a hope to explain it.

*This was the first chapter I wrote after beginning the blog and starting with it I wrote the blog right after the chapter, so if the next 10 or so chapters something is repeated in the blog that is why.

As always thanks for reading.



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