Chapter 75 Notes

I went into the chapter with options for Fredrick’s survival and his demise, but I wanted to leave it open to see how it played out during the writing process.  The result didn’t really affect anything on the short term but things would have been quite different if the results were different down the road.

Zoey’s armor would amount to like a critical success during the summoning process, just like when summoning Scylla resulted in an advanced beastkin, and Roc resulting in a 3rd tier beastkin. I haven’t quite decided yet if I am going to leave the critical success thing being a 212 only thing or just something that he is just better at than most.

I guess the birthday thing was all in my head as even Scylla, and Zoey’s birthdays were just a small part of this chapter, I guess I was just over thinking it… After 212’s I just kind of glazed over Bell’s because I didn’t want to make matters worse, but I might go back in and add at least a little bit more to it just so she isn’t left out.

As always thanks for reading.



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