Chapter 71 Notes

Maybe the party chapters arn’t as bad as I thought… I swore they were back to back for like 5 chapters straight, but I guess not.

The trip to the Calhoun capital wasn’t planed when I started writing the chapter, honestly I forgot that Bell hadn’t reached C-rank yet and had to go back and rewrite part of the chapter when I thought of it.

I thinking it added a good bit of dynamic to the chapter though, so I think it worked out for the best.

If you are wondering what the battle dress looks like I think Saber from Fate/Stay Night is a pretty good likeness… Although it pissed me off when i realized it. lol

I thought I was being all cool when I came up witht he idea from it actually using Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile as the base but adding the guards to the legs, but when I was trying to describe it to my brother he just said. “Oh like Saber?”

After thinking about it I went “Shit!” So yea… it wasn’t intentional, unless it was subconsously, but yea I would say its pretty close to that…

I haven’t mentioned it even in the later chapters yet, but I was thinking the first 13 floors of Madam Erin’s dungeon was what was there before the purge took place, all the floors above that would be when she started pushing for the sky.

As always thanks for reading.



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