Chapter 69 Notes

This marks the first blog post that is currently caught up with my posting so it will be quite a bit shorter than the past ones. I intend to now follow up each chapter posted with one of these so hopefully there will be 3 a week.

Now as for the chapter I warned you of the parties coming one after another but apparently I forgot about a few chapters in-between so maybe it won’t seem as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I always intended for the Elders to eventually find out about the observation screen, but I didn’t really intend for it to happen this soon, especially before the conclusion of the yeti and Fredrick.

Roxy finally took her place as one of Two-Twelve’s boss monsters after I was actually wondering if it was going to happen as I intended her to. As she was originally supposed to join the dungeon not long after arriving in Tobes, but she kind of got shifted to the back for a while, and only came back in a way I least expected it.

I have never been one big on homosexual relationships. Not that they bug me I just have no interest in them, but for some reason I have found Zoey and Roxy’s relationship to be quite entertaining. Zoey never fails to crack me up…

As always thanks for reading.



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