Chapter 56-68 Notes

I liked chapter 56 it was like Two-Twelve almost got the chance to be a normal human for a day, although during the winter he gets quite a bit more oppertunities. This is a section of the story I think I am going to refer to as the party arc… As it seems that is all that happens for the next dozen chapters or so… It wasn’t intentinal but thats the only events that seemed to pop out.

Logan’s mention of Madam Erin, and his grandpa, along with what I said about Trae in the notes a while back all plays in together if I ever make it that far, but after rereading chapter 58 I was racking my brain to remember what Madam Erin was debating on saying before she left but now I can’t remember…

I guess I should have started these notes a long time ago…

I liked how Lilah handled Logan in the dungeon, this is also the first time you actually hear how much stronger the kobold of Two-Twelves dungeon. As of before this chapter they always just said they are much stronger, but Logan finally confirmed that they are roughly 3x more effective, but also not physically stronger.

I don’t know where the final room idea popped up from but I enjoyed how it turned out. Like Two-Twelve said I think in the future we might see a few rooms set up that way, but as of yet it hasn’t come about.

I think at this point I think Roxy can plainly see Two-Twelve keeping quite a bit of secerts from her, so she feels a little uncomfortable in the house. After they go shoping though she seems to acknowledge that even if he is keeping things from her she is still welcome there enough that she felt she had to start contributing more.

If you couldn’t figure it out the outfit she chose that she had no intention of buying was just a really expensive set and she just wanted to know what she looked like in it. Out of the 55 gold total at the tailor I imagine that that set probably was around 25 gold or so.

I have a feeling I have screwed up a bit becuase a gold coin is worth quite a large amount, yet I have yet to mention anything like a silver coin which should of been something far more relevent to the daily interactions that go on for this small village.

Time goes by pretty quickly for the next few chapters only stopping long enough to cover birthdays it seems, which is why I said I refer to it as the party arc…

I had quite a bit of trouble coming up with the gift for Belinda’s birthday, but I figured a necklace that was representivie of their family would be good, and I thought doing it that way make it fun and interesting.

I would assume it isen’t an item she would wear everyday, but I am sure she has it on display in their room when she isn’t wearing it. I thought I would mention that as I haven’t realy made a mention of the necklace since then.

I liked the way how things turned out with Roxy, I thought it was about time for her to find out about the dungeon, and it seemed to work with her character that she figured it out on her own.

I also greatly enjoyed how the adventurer’s training camp went. I had little idea how to go about it when I came up with the idea a chapter or two back, but I loved the way it came together. I didn’t realize it at that point but the comment of the adaptability of the humans concerning Scylla’s appearance really becomes a factor here pretty soon.

I promise I am going somewhere with the white bearlike creature, I meant for the events to go on sooner together but it keeps being pushed to the back.

Some of the interactions with Zoey seem to always become my favorite ones. I always find myself laughing more then I probably should at the things she comes up with.

I am not sure why I went with Kline’s PoV instead of Scylla but it seemed to work out pretty well. I laughed quite a bit when he is talking about his past and then it all comes down to him thinking about his past to keep himself from staring at Scylla’s chest.

After getting back on his feet after the harsh winter Two-Twelve’s dungeon has begun to get a comfortable amount of xp from Kline so I figured it was no longer necessary to put in every detail about how much xp is going to and from the dungeon.

This is also the point I felt the dungeon has begun to grow enough that the monster tally in the dungeon would just take up to much space to post so I have begun leaving it out as well.

The summoning of the beastkin for Queen was one of them things I didn’t have planned but kind of just showed up in the writing process.

If the beastkin are like catgirls then the 3rd tier beastkin like roc would be full on anthros with feral beastkin being somewhere in between but leaning heavily towards catgirl like appearance.

I don’t know if Queen’s naming sense was noticeable, so I decided to mention it. Also Jack rabbit wasn’t intentional, but ended up being a funny coincidence that I couldn’t resist using it…

I wanted to make an entire chapter through Jack’s eyes but just couldn’t come up with more to go with it.  I was going to drag out the wedding as well, but I kind of liked the fact that it turned out short, sweet, and to the point.

Especially giving the fact here pretty quick it seems like the story just jumps from one party to the next.

Large chunck of notes here to sort of catch up to the release. To celebrate catching up with these I released 2 bonus chapters along with these notes so enjoy.

As always thanks for reading.



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