Chapter 46-51 Notes

I am not quite sure how Zoey’s beer run came about, but it just sort of happened. I think her entire personality was born in chapter 46. I think it was with her reaction at the lake side I just felt I had to dive deeper into her character.

I intended the month of the new training cores to take quite a bit more time, but as I sat down to write it, things just seemed to progress pretty quickly.

Have I yet mentioned how much I love Zoey’s interactions… She is just such a fun character. I said how the beastkin with the scar that rode into town was supposed to become part of the story, and that it wasn’t the way I originally intended, but now you can see why.

A friend of mine made a mention so I thought I would bring it up. The “feeling” building up in Two-Twelve is not arousal but desire maybe.

It was mentioned by Listel when she was in his lap that he was obviously aroused, and I am sure when Cassandra pulled her stunt he was as well.

He just treats a erection like he would about having to use the bathroom after eating or drinking. food goes in stomach it begins to work, so sexual stimulus causes erection. It doesn’t mean he feels anything about it at the time.

I just thought I would clarify that a bit as it might not of been as clear in the novel.

I was actually quite surprised at myself about the elder selection, I was hoping to take a bit more neutral stance on the selection process but it seemed like it might of not ended up that way.

I was going to stop this post at 50 but it seemed like it was a bad place to do it, so I went ahead and did 51 as well.

I originally had it being either Dyson or Maric to become the new elder. For Maric I actually had more of an idea where to go with it, but I think it has ended up working out better this way.

Anyways as always thanks for reading.



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