Chapter 41-45 Notes

Chapter 41 was a hard one to write, it took me two days to get though it. I tossed and turned over the idea if Thirty-seven would pull though or not, as I was writing it I felt that this was the correct way to go.

I talked earlier about the other dungeon core Sara, and how I had more planed for her, but between Thirty-seven and Lilah she kind of faded from view. Well it was always my intention of having Sara meet an unfortunate end, but I guess Thirty-seven taking over her spot ended up filling that role as well.

I didn’t intend for things with Scylla and Zoey to take off like they have, but so far I think Zoey has become one of my favorite characters, so look forward to that.

Denova was trying to get quite advantage over Two-Twelve and it would have worked if it wasn’t for that sly smile of hers. Obviously after finding out about Two-Twelves interest in Cassandra she put a plan into effect.

I am sure you noticed by now, by Thirty-seven’s reaction to Belinda before and after she joined the dungeon that although it might not be noticeable there is some kind of difference between someone that is bound to a dungeon and those who aren’t.

Even though Two-Twelve doesn’t notice it like Thirty-seven did. Two-Twelve has so far hasn’t showed any interest in any woman that isn’t bound to a dungeon, so Belinda’s monster fetish comment wasn’t actually to far from the truth.

I found Cassandra’s idea of not taking it to far to be rather funny. I am sure if Belinda ever found out them details she would hit the roof.

Anyway as always thanks for reading




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