Chapter 33-40 Notes

These chapters are pretty straight forward, even after rereading them I don’t recall exactly what the thought process was that was going through my mind at the time. I think during chapter 34 is where Belinda really begins to understand just what it means to be a boss monster.

Denova becomes quite the pain in Belinda’s neck. Of course the Denova’s objective should be obvious to everyone except of course for Two-Twelve. After dealing with Denvoa I am sure Edward heard of an escaped slave and was hoping to cash in on it, but Two-Twelve was obviously not one of his.

I am sure he also heard about Two-Twelve’s naive nature from Denova or just could sniff it out which led him to get rid of some worthless stock. In the end it works out pretty well because it not only unlocked the feral beastkin for summoning, but Lilah too becomes much valued member to the dungeon after a short while.

I liked Belinda’s chapter in the dungeon quite a bit, it didn’t quite go as I originally planned but I think the way it turned out was far better. This was the first time it actually mentions the dungeon monsters dropping items to complete commissions and such, but I would assume it works much the same everywhere.

For example in Two-Twelve’s dungeon if Belinda made a commission for the kobold it would include some kind of proof, so I have never mentioned it, but once I got to this point I thought maybe I should.

I actually intended Two-Twelve and Belinda’s relationship to progress into a sexual one at the end of chapter 38. Even going as far as writing two full chapters after that, but the story didn’t seem to flow well and I had to force myself to write it.

I eventually had to scrap the entire two chapters just because of it having to make their relationship progress more slowly. After that the story felt better to write and seemed to work out much better in the end.

However if you are reading these notes as you read the chapters and are mad a little something something was left out, they do eventually reach that point. It just seemed to flow better into the story when it finally does happen.

Feeling a little cheated about Belinda and Two-Twelve not getting laid, I came up with the idea with Tiki and Mason. I thought it ended up being funny but also got Two-Twelve’s mind begin rolling on the fact that breeding isn’t the only purpose for sex.

Every time I write in a tough group for the dungeon I always play them to put a serious hurt on it making it all the way to the crystal room and barely getting defeated or running at the last second, but for some reason in the flow of the story they don’t ever seem to make it that far… lol

Once they hit the stairwell I had intended to write both Dane and Kodiak off, but as I have said before sometimes the story has a mind of its own and the characters do things contrary to what I have planned. I think it worked out rather well this way though.

As always thanks for reading.



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