Chapter 31-32 Notes

I had quite a bit of fun on chapter 31 I covered quite a bit of ground and introduced quite a few more characters. When I first wrote in Logan he was going to be a much higher level, but after a while I had to drop him down.

Luckily it didn’t effect any of the story much except there may be a time or two people make a deal out of his level enough though it isn’t that great. The beastkin with the scar was supposed to become a main character of the story but somehow she got pushed way back on the back burner, but if she intrested you at all don’t worry she eventually makes a comback in a big way, just maybe not the way you would expect.

When I first thought up Denova she was to be the Lady Eboshi (Mononoke-hime reference if you didn’t know) like character but she end us as the never ending thorn in Belinda’s side and the constant entrepreneur.

When I went in to chapter 32 I was a little worried about the results of everything would be but now that it is all in the past I think it turned out quite well honestly. especially the imitation core, I had a plan from the moment I mentioned it. As a matter of fact I had the plan since the beginning of the novel, but was affraid would happon once it came about, but so far it has worked put pertty well.

Although it was the cause of the xp fluctuations in the story…

Well I know I said I would post notes on five chapters at a time, but I am running short on time at the moment so I don’t want to lose what I got so I will just go with this. hopefully it won’t take but a week or two till I catch up with current chapters and will just post a note with each chapter.

I have already started to make the notes when I write the chapter just so when I get that far I can post them as I go.

Anyway as  always thanks for reading.



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