Chapter 26-30 Notes

I thought Belinda’s birthday went pretty well, this seems like the key point after the distance between Belinda and Amy where Amy’s personaily made quite the change. I mentioned the book on Two-Twelves desk being a different languge that the girls couldn’t make out, if you didn’t figure it out it is the dungeon core information book.

Of course Two-Twelve hasn’t made any mention that the book is in a different language then when he reads things like the commissions at the adventurer’s guild. It hasn’t really been made clear if it is a different language or if it is some kind of dungeon protection so humans can’t understand it, but later on Belinda is able to read the words without problem.

I liked Listel’s character, and although I have mentioned her a few times after this, she still hasn’t made it back into the story even though I have tried several times, but it always ends up on the cutting room floor…

I went over it back and forth for quite a while about making Belinda the dungeons boss monster, but when I finally decided to go ahead with it, it seemed to work out pretty well.

I was a little worried about the way I handled the changes in Belinda’s appearance, but I have known quite a few people that made major changes like cutting off their hair, or removing a beard and it has taken months for even family members to notice. After all after you get used to someone you kind of ignore the small details.

I tried to make changes to Belinda each symbolizing one of the 6 elements to add a point about her gaining the gifted skill.

Her hair was fire, eyes was water, voice was wind, her toned body was earth, while the complextion was light, and the mention of her shadow for dark, if you were wanted to know.

I have noticed the xp amounts are still a little wonkie at this point but I think this is about where I started to become more serious about the rules system of it. I also had to make a bit of changes to Belinda’s status page compared to the rules I begun to inforce later, but something might of slipped though.

Also I want to say some of the items Two-Twelve talks about when telling things to Belinda remember they are his understanding of it. As he still doesn’t know what most dungeon cores do when things appear differently later it doesn’t nessecarly the rule changed but could just been he didn’t understand it fully.

Anyway thans for reading.




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