Chapter 16-20 Notes

While writing I was trying to think up names for the main character and I have a few names I have always used for video games and D&D characters, but I wanted this guy to be new.

I tossed the idea around with a friend coming up with the names like Gunnar and Leon, but I wasn’t sure yet. My friend said he liked the idea of the main not choosing one and staying as Two-Twelve, after a while of tossing it around that is how his name came about.

Of course the names I came up with wouldn’t be put to waste when I introduced Gunnar and Leo. The intention of them was to be 2 buddies that after making it out of the dungeon would become friends with Two-Twelve.

But during the writing process Belinda and Amy seemed to take over their spots while they turned tail and ran.

After realzing Amy shared the name with the dungeon core from Two-Twelve’s training I debated going back and changing one of them. I decided it was a common name so its not like it would be unusual two people having same name.

Althought it could been out of pure laziness of just having to go back and change one of them. the failed dungeon core Amy is barely mentioned other then interactions directly with Alex so it shouldn’t provide much confusion.

Like I said Gunnar and Leo were meant to be the main characters not Belinda and Amy, so their characters have gone though quite a bit of developement. My friend teased me becuase he has a redhead character that often uses a spear in his D&D games and stories, and he said I copied her for Belinda.

In a way I guess he could of been right, because the first D&D game I played with him my character had a child with his redhead character and her name was Belinda… so it wasn’t as much as copying his character but as our character.

Like I said though my intention she was supposed to be a bit of something to look at then go about her way so it didn’t bug me much. How things change though…

At this point of the story I still didn’t have a lot of mechanics down on the way I wanted things to work so some of the xp amounts have changed greatly as time went by.

I still use the 10% for a dead adventurer and 1% for a live one, but the amount of xp a human’s life per level is worth has changed several times.

At this point the dungeon was still small enough I have all the monsters and their equipment listed several times thoughout the chapters but as I said before if you don’t care for that sooner or later it will be fazed out.

I still post the “character sheet” as you will from the characters but I try to keep that limited and am looking into ways to find a way to make it hidden text so if you want to see it you click it but if you don’t you can just keep reading the story.

So if anyone has a idea how to go about that I would love to hear about it…

Anyway as always thanks for reading.



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