Chapter 11-15 notes.

Kind of weird that such an amazing ability he has with adding the magic stones to items with his skill, but for some reason I just kind of glossed over it and haven’t used it once he got his own dungeon.

It started out because he didn’t have the magic crystals to do it, and then after he did starting to acquire them I don’t know why I haven’t started using it, I guess that is one good thing about going back.

It isn’t like I forgot about the skill either because as I update his status page the skill has ranked up. Well maybe you can look forward to seeing the return of the skill in the near future.

I debated on the time skip after day 8 because I felt I didn’t want to seem to gloss over anything, yet I had so much planed for after he started his dungeon. I also didn’t want to make it feel it was just the same thing over and over for several more chapters.

Ironic that now I find myself skipping months at a time now…

Dungeon 712 was planed to have a bit more active role in the story, but between Lilah and Thirty-seven she kind of lost her spot. From the start I planed her to fill the role that Thirty-seven ended up playing. Once you make it that far if you haven’t already you will understand.

I was surprised on this rereading at the fact Amy and Alex were both beastkin, I had completely forgotten that point. Amy is also the character who I forgot about while naming another character so there will end up being two Amy’s she too is a beastkin, but plays a little bit bigger role in the actual story.

Poor baby bear… Well thanks for reading



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