New idea. Chapter Notes

I had a suggestion that I post on here my thoughts of a chapter when I post it, that might clear up some missunderstandings or get the reader in the same frame of mind as me.

I decided to begin by starting from the beginning and going though about 5 chapters at a time till I catch up… It has only been a few months since I started and I have to say I had to force myself to only make small edits as reading the first 5 chapters again was almost painful…

I have noticed a few things that have changed on the later chapters and the ones that are easily fixed I went ahead and did. I started this novel a few months ago with little more then a rough idea and it has evolved a great deal.

I never thought I would be pushing past chapter 60 already. Now to start with my thoughts on Chapter 1-5, so obviously if you haven’t read them this might contain a few spoilers.

I remember when I started I pictured Madam Erin like one of them grotesque female body builders. Also when I started I wasn’t sure if I wanted the main character to be re-born or not.

I think the story has evolved enough without any mention of a previous life that I am glad I didn’t end up going down that route. When I first introduced in Thirty-seven she wasn’t intended to have any significance to the story,

She was supposed to be just one of many of Madam Erin’s monsters that progressed the main chartacter along, but she kind of worked herself into a more active role. Before starting to post the chapters on here there was already 8 chapters, and at that point I was considering if chapter 5 should stay where it was or be added as a side arc type thing, but I think after doing a few more chapters like it later on it works out this way alright.

Well that is all I can think of on the first chapters, I don’t plan on changing my release schedule yet, so no worries there, but when I get the chance I will go back reading the next 5 chapters making another one of these.

Until next time.



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