Chapter 5-10 Notes.

I didn’t realize Two-Twelve was so normal in the beginning. I think at this point was was still debating if I would have him as beign re-born or not. As I moved away from that his character becomes more lost. He doesn’t quite understand how to be a dungeon core like most of the others, but has no understanding of humans either.

So keep that in mind going forward his personality changes a bit. I think this is the point in the story where Thirty-seven’s character seemed to work herself into the story instead of remaining just a minor character.

There are several times while writing I have a plan now things are going to go but once I beting writing it almost seems as the characters take on a life of their own, fighting for relevence or bowing away from the spot light even though I planed their characters differently.

At this point the xp totals for gaining levels, for monsters, and just the mechanics in general were just winging it and going by what sounded good. As I progress I have started to make formulas and rules for such things.

At this point not including the maps I have thrown together I have 6 different information pages I use just to keep track of everything. Like there is one just for what monsters are in each room of the dungeon, another for just status pages of several of the characters, the dungeon core information book has its own thing that is set up just like if it was the actual book filling it with the information of the cores that are mentioned.

There are lists of summon-able dungeon items, monsters, and such stuff so can keep track of the costs and such. There is one with people, places, and such as you will find out I made a bit of a mistake using a name twice, and to prevent further confusion I try to keep track of that kind of thing now.

So I hope if things might seem a little off I promise I do try to do better later. Starting here for a while I tried to keep the readers up on exactly what was going on in the dungeon in reguards as to how monsters there were and what they had, but I got complaints saying I was flooding with to much status type things in the novel so if you agree, just know they dissapear after a while.

thanks as always.



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