Chapter 174: Desiree and Angela

  Duke Dionysus’s dungeon has not had visitors in a number of years. Since acquiring his status as a Duke he added a mine as his secondary dungeon and most of the xp he acquires is from slave labor he has in the mine. That doesn’t mean his dungeon is unguarded, and when we take … Continue reading Chapter 174: Desiree and Angela


Chapter 171: Dyson’s Revelation

  Even before the traitorous dungeon cores were around I often dealt with would-be assassins trying to take me out. It just goes with the territory when you are the king of a city known as the largest collection of murderers and brigands in all the land. Most of the would-be assassins are female, working … Continue reading Chapter 171: Dyson’s Revelation

Chapter 168: Down the Well

  “Ready!? 3…2…1… Begin!” War breaks out on three small floating islands above the clouds.  A small castle with large walls drops its drawbridge, bridging the gap between islands as hordes of water-type pour across it. On the other side of the central island hordes of fire-type monsters cross fallen pillars and a single rickety … Continue reading Chapter 168: Down the Well