Chapter 200: Saving Dyson

  Ceres laid out a plan for Dyson’s rescue, but the catch is there is a lot of “what ifs” associated with her plan. Ceres’s strength even after taking in Belphegor’s eye is questionable at best, and the rest of us would have no chance against anyone that would be able to capture Dyson. Ceres … Continue reading Chapter 200: Saving Dyson


Chapter 192: The Justicars of Two-Twelve

  Belinda, Rory and I arrive at Ceres's dungeon to check on the training groups, and it ended up turning into a bit of a party. Everyone enjoyed themselves so I guess that is all that matters, or at least most everyone. Bandy’s group continued their training late into the evening and everything had already … Continue reading Chapter 192: The Justicars of Two-Twelve