Chapter 185: Madam Erin and Laura

  I arrived in Uthaira, and didn’t send a message to Laura until I approached the guards. The guards block me from entering, and I could easily dispose of them, but this is supposed to be a diplomatic mission, so I just stand there towering over the guards waiting for Laura to respond, or someone … Continue reading Chapter 185: Madam Erin and Laura


Chapter 178: Dungeon #764

  “This is getting us nowhere.” –Says Laura as we continue our process of trying to gather information from the dungeon core Barry.- Laura: “Asking him the same questions over and over for the past four hours is not accomplishing anything. I have far better things to do rather than wasting my time here in … Continue reading Chapter 178: Dungeon #764

Chapter 177: Taking the Fight to the Traitors

  From the moment we returned to my dungeon after getting Two-Twelve’s assistance in evolving Desiree I knew something was off. With my arm still around Angela’s soft, thin waist I decide to explore a bit on the new and improved Desiree by pulling her into me with a deep kiss. As a succubus, Desiree … Continue reading Chapter 177: Taking the Fight to the Traitors